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Listen to CASIOCENZ’s Celebration of Indie Rock and Post-Punk Revival in “Party of One”

The stunning “PARTY OF ONE” LP is a reflection of CASIOCENZ’s life experiences, as it amalgamates themes of love, conflict, triumphs, struggles, and everything in between. CASIOCENZ’s decision to pursue music was solidified by emo bands such as Brand New and Taking Back Sunday, as well as folk rock acts like Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. There are also elements of jangle-pop evident in the song structures, bringing to mind Belle and Sebastian, The Smiths, and Lightning Seeds.

Wherever You Will Be” strikes an emotional chord, delivering an 80s-styled ballad that tastefully merges vintage pop sensibilities with a dash of indie sleaze. The track’s melodic cadence hits the sweet spot between nostalgia and fresh indie vigor, creating musical time-capsule listeners would gladly get lost in. “Avery” transports us to a psychedelia-infused garage rock dimension. The song’s composition, replete with echoing vocals, infectious tambourines, and rhythmically delivered claps, evokes a vibrant whimsy characteristic of the early 2000s indie scene, showcasing a fascinating musical exploration. “Autopilot OFF” serves an energetic cocktail of power-pop guitars and frenetic percussion. The track drives the album’s direction into the explosive territories frequented by bands like Arcade Fire and Modest Mouse. The pulsating energy reverberates through the listener. In a soothing pivot, “Song For A Six-String” gently navigates back into the folk realm. Dreamy guitar strums cradle a 60s-pop backbeat, as the tender crooning offers a tranquil serenade, lulling listeners into a calming auditory embrace.

I Don’t Care Anymore” marks a triumphant return to pop eccentricity. With a jaunty opener harking back to Belle and Sebastian’s lyrical charm, the track infuses an MGMT-esque vitality, crowning the musical journey with an unforgettable whimsy. “Something More To This” is a lingering ballad that treads thoughtfully through its melodic landscape. The strings are plucked gently, resonating with a soothing aura that carries distinct echoes of Iron and Wine. Interspersed are traces of Duke Special’s artful eccentricity and a comforting whistle, imbuing the track with an ethereal, understated charm. This composition serves as a soothing lullaby, an oasis of tranquillity amid the vibrant diversity of the album. “‘Around’ introduces the playful rhythm of an egg shaker, adding a layer of percussive charm to the track. It’s the vocal exchange, however, that stands as the centerpiece of the song – a soothing dialogue, a melodic pas de deux between male and female vocals that evokes Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. This gentle conversation captures the listeners, drawing them into the intimate narrative woven through the song’s call-and-response interplay. The next song, “Me Vs Morrissey Vs Lacey,” is just someone really, really mad at someone who makes fun of the Smiths. It’s a bitter rant sung to the tune of “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out.” (Yikes! Watch out, Lacey!)

CASIOCENZ’s spouse Space Gravy helped with the creation of Quarantine Dream, which takes us firmly into darkwave territory evocative of Depeche Mode.

“After being stuck at home for weeks this song just kind of channeled through our minds as a way to help some of the madness escape,” reflects CASIOCENZ. “It’s a pretty wild song, not sure if we ever would have written something like that had we not been going crazy in our tiny home.”

The album closes with a bit of accordion, horn, and calliope with The Flight.

Listen to this wonderfully eclectic album below:

CASIOCENZ, born initially as a simple side project in 2006, has metamorphosed into a multifaceted and fully-fledged musical experience. The brainchild of the frontman of another band, CASIOCENZ was conceived as a creative space where the artist could freely navigate across diverse musical styles, unhindered.

With time, this musical exploration gave rise to several side projects, each resonating with a distinct sonic identity. However, the realization dawned that these eclectic projects were deserving of consolidation under a unified artistic vision. This epiphany led to the inception of Someday Studios, a platform that embodies the collective creativity and diverse stylistic range of these projects, bringing them together under the banner of CASIOCENZ.

Despite the challenge of balancing his career as a construction business owner and family life, CASIOCENZ persevered by building a studio in his workspace and dedicating time each day to his musical aspirations. He emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself and creating music for personal fulfillment. He also underscores the importance of time management and carving out time to work on one’s craft.

While performing “PARTY OF ONE” live poses its unique set of challenges, the artist’s promotional strategy is pivoted towards digital platforms and video content. Simultaneously, he is actively seeking collaborations that could translate his vision into on-stage performances. There is an inherent excitement in the potential of what these collaborative endeavors can bring about, particularly the serendipitous magic that unfolds when diverse artistic perspectives merge.


Alice Teeple

Alice Teeple is a photographer, multidisciplinary artist, and writer. She is not in Tin Machine.

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