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Listen to Belgian Post-Punk Outfit Korinthians’ New Album “A Major Walk”

Korinthians, a dance-post-punk quartet from Ghent, Belgium, announces the release of their new LP, A Major Walk.

Harnessing the first post-punk revival of the millennium era yet grounded firmly in the fertile terrain of ’80s post-punk and New Wave, the band renders a guitar-infused sound that resonates with the shadowy heartbeats of its predecessors. Korinthians (Mattias De Backer, Ruben Masson, Jeroen Weckhuyzen, and Kenny Voet) seamlessly weave together a melodious mosaic of the sublime and the melancholic, utilizing eerie synths and emotive vocals. The tunes are catchy enough to propel you into the kinetic energy of the dance floor with their airy and spacious aura, yet they do not shy away from conveying a sense of vaguely ominous urgency.

The quartet, at times, augments their already compelling sound with synth sweeps of an evocative nature, adding another layer of depth to their resonating compositions. There is an unmistakable hint of Interpol and Editors’ noir-tinted romanticism interwoven into their music, amplified by the monumental undertones reminiscent of the early works of Radiohead and Arcade Fire. They instill a vibrant, contemporary energy in their sound. In addition to the aforementioned muses, they find their inspiration in diverse artists such as Goose, Mogwai, The Soft Moon, Boytronic, Igor Stravinsky, and sci-fi soundtracks.

Standout tracks include “Drift and Well, the latter of which has an exceptional Jupiter Studio-directed video, inspired by the short story “The Crack“, by G.E. Watson:

“Moving the razor down his left cheek, he considered how far they’d come, how lucky he was to have found her. She’d filled his head, his heart, his life. Given him things far beyond his reach, for which he knew he would never be able to repay her. He could only hope his presence was still enough to make her life complete, that he still brought something to the table that no one else did.”

A Major Walk is now available for to pre-order. Listen below:

In the wake of their debut album Chaos/Control (launched in December 2019) and the ensuing global pandemic, KORINTHIANS’ watershed year finally arrived in 2022, highlighted by a series of standout achievements. The band embarked on an international tour, gracing an array of prominent festivals with their presence. These included the Sinner’s Day in Belgium, Dark Skies Over Witten in Germany, Porta Nigra Festival also in Belgium, and Into The Dark again in their native Belgium, alongside a mini-tour through Germany.

March 2023 marked a milestone for the band as they performed their maiden concert in the UK at the Corrosion Fest, expanding their footprint beyond the mainland Europe. The spring season of 2023 was earmarked for a run of performances across the Netherlands and Belgium, fostering an expanding fanbase in their home region. On their illustrious journey so far, they have had the privilege of sharing stages with esteemed bands like Traitrs, Invincible Spirit, and The Sheila Divine.

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