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Late Slip Deliver a Country-Punk Love Letter to “New York City”

Beggin’ like a fool
Crawlin’ back for more
Baby, don’t be cruel
Open up your door

Love, in its many forms, invariably leaves an indelible mark on us. Elvis was Chelsea Nenni’s first love. (Somebody in kindergarten told her he was dead, but she didn’t believe it.) Late Slip, a Brooklyn-based band, beautifully captures this universal truth in their music with the track aptly titled, “New York City”.

In the ever-evolving circus of the music world, Late Slip is the new act everyone’s whispering about. They’re stirring up the NYC scene with their ‘country-punk’ concoction, a genre blend that’s as hard to pin down as a greased pig at a county fair. Imagine a musical stew with a generous helping of Blondie’s punk-rock zing, a sprinkle of Link Wray’s guitar growl, a dollop of The Cramps’ psychobilly flair, the Go-Gos, Altered Images, 1960s girl groups like The Crystals, and, for a twist, a dash of Dolly Parton’s country sparkle.

New York City blends a nostalgic mix of styles, intertwining a bit of twang, a whisper of surf, and a rich depth of emotion deeply echoing the listener’s personal narratives of love and yearning. It’s a love letter to her adopted home, written during a time of separation.

“I left New York City 5 years ago and regretted it pretty much immediately,” she says. “I started writing this song about how bummed out I was during lockdown in March 2020. It started off as a lil’ pity party, but as the song took shape over the years, it eventually became a love song. I’ve lived in a lot of places and I really do love New York City the most.”

During an exceptionally frigid winter in a snug East Village apartment, Bay Area transplant Chelsea Nenni found solace in teaching herself guitar. What began as a strategy to combat seasonal depression evolved into a powerful medium for expressing profound emotions. Now, equipped with just a few chords, Nenni transforms her personal experiences of unrequited love and homesickness into songs that resonate with universal themes, capturing the essence of human experience in her music.

“It’s just different in New York City somehow,” she muses, taking her dogs out for a run in the chilly autumn afternoon. “It’s insane to choose this life sometimes for so many reasons, but I also value and share the human connections and sense of community in New York. It is kind of batshit crazy and hard to be here, so those of us who choose it are really choosing it. We support each other in that because we all know what it takes to be here!”

Listen below:

Nenni’s voice packs a punch stronger than a double shot of espresso. She studied opera in college, but explains that ‘Gwen Stefani gave her the guts to be in a band.’ Her range stretches wider than the Grand Canyon, bringing a veritable smorgasbord of strength and versatility to the table. Nenni’s formidable vocal gymnastics dazzle; Late Slip’s hooks stick in your mind. Lewis Pesacov (Best Coast, Nikki Lane, Fidlar), came on board for production. The tune is as memorable as your first love’s phone number, crafted with a flair that’s both engaging and surprisingly comforting.

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Photo: Alice Teeple
Alice Teeple

Alice Teeple is a photographer, multidisciplinary artist, and writer. She is not in Tin Machine.

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