Kontravoid Unmasked — Watch the Video for “Detachment” Ahead of his Spring European Tour!

“Detachment from ourselves, now what have we become?”

For much of Kontravoid’s existence, the artist’s face has remained a mystery at first glance, though it is not uncommon to see his face make a cameo in a Boy Harsher video or two. Typically, he dons a mask of Greek tragedy—expressionless, a white plaster shroud enveloping the soul. This mask serves both as a shield for detachment and a sanctuary for concealment. Reminiscent of the classic death mask L’Inconnue de la Seine, cast from the face of a young girl who had drowned in France in the 1880s, its serene yet enigmatic frozen features provided a barrier of secrets and riddles. 

This dynamic shifts with Detachment, a video piece crafted by Sean McGuirk. It can very well be described as performance art…or lampooning it. Either way, it’s effective. For three full minutes, singer Cameron Findlay engages the camera with an unwavering gaze. Imagine: an Olan Mills portrait brought to life by Marina Abramović on a 1987 broadcast of WPVI Action News.

The visuals seamlessly complement the song’s languid synth-pop groove, monotone vocals, and lyrics that delve into a state of detachment. Findlay simultaneously satirizes and confronts his creation head-on. With all the angst swirling our airwaves, arms flailing, teeth gnashing, words hurting, and deaths skyrocketing – it is unnerving to see such a stare. It is both soothing and heartening when most of us want to look away.

“Detachment is more or less the theme for most of the tracks on the record, referring to being disconnected from reality in some way,” he explains. “It’s just a theme I wanted to explore with this era of the project.”

Watch the video below:

Kontravoid, the wisecracking phantom of the darkwave scene, masterfully embodies the essence of contemporary and underground dark electronic music. Striking a balance between gothic sensibilities and dancefloor allure, his music appeals to a wide array of music fans. Canadian-born and Los Angeles-based, Cameron Findlay has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of the dark music scene worldwide. Since launching his career with his self-titled LP in 2012, Findlay, under the persona of masked maestro Kontravoid, has crafted an intricate soundscape that skillfully traverses the genres of EBM, electro, and darkwave. His atmospheric compositions like “Too Deep” and “Faceless” resonate in foggy, strobe-lit clubs, and they invariably turn dance floors into eternally animated spaces.

Kontravoid’s presence extends far beyond the studio. On stage, he enthralls audiences with a commanding performance that synthesizes intense beats with hypnotic bass rhythms. Having toured with notable acts like Boy Harsher, ADULT., Drab Majesty, and HEALTH, and remixed tracks for artists such as Schwefelgelb and Kris Baha, his influence stretches across the dark music spectrum. Known for his shadowy persona and enigmatic performances, he remains an indelible part of the darkwave community.

Among his body of work, the 2018 release “Undone” stands out, cherished by fans for its poignant lyrics and evocative melodies that capture a haunting sense of melancholy. With his latest album, “Detachment,” Kontravoid has arguably delivered his finest work to date. Under the ever-watchful, hollowed eyes of Comedy and Tragedy, his masked mystique continues to thrive, marking over a decade of enduring presence in the music industry.

Detachment is out now.

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Kontravoid is set to embark on his 2024 European Tour. See full dates below:

Kontravoid Spring European Tour 2024:

  • Apr 25 – Thessaloniki, Greece @ OSM Tapes
  • Apr 26 – Athens, Greece @ Death Disco
  • Apr 27 – Geneva, Austria @ La Gravière
  • Apr 28 – Marseille, France @ Le Molotov
  • Apr 30 – Bratislava, Slovakia @ FUGA
  • May 2 – Madrid, Spain @ The Basement Club
  • May 3 – Barcelona, Spain @ Sala Upload
  • May 4 – Valencia, Spain @ Spook Club
  • May 6 – Glasgow, UK @ Flying Duck
  • May 9 – Manchester, UK @ The White Hotel
  • May 10 – Newcastle, UK @ Lubber Fiend
  • May 11 – London, UK @ Camden Assembly
  • May 14 – Paris, France @ La Petit Bain
  • May 17 – Leipzig, Germany @ Wave-Gotik Treffen

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