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Italian Synthwave Duo Sun’s Spectrum Debuts Video for “All I Want”

Italian synthwave duo Sun’s Spectrum, comprised of Livio Caenazzo (guitars, vocals) and Daniele Iannacone (keyboards, programming), announces the release of a new single and its bizarre accompanying video called “All I Want.”

“Like a hazily remembered dream, “All I Want” is about a burning desire to see your music affect the audience – something that can only come true as long as the song is played,” says the band. “At the end of a concert, only emptiness remains, a silence waiting to be broken until it’s time to return to the stage. Artists carry this vocation with them: on the one hand it is a curse, on the other it is a source of great joy.”

Blending reverb-soaked darkwave, industrial, and Detroit techno elements, distorted synths and deep techno beats, the song is dizzyingly mesmerizing.

The video, directed by Sergio Cinghiale, weaves the tale of a sinister Great Gatsby bacchanal with characters you might want to avoid encountering in a dark space – but things aren’t always as they appear.

“In this crazy world, no one is judged, everything is structured on the beat of the music and everything is allowed,” Cinghiale explains. “The dangerous and freak rave represented in the video evolves into a party where everybody wants to partake in their hidden fantasies. In this tale, people just want to dance until they can’t go on – until a mysterious figure heals you and gets you moving again.”

It has nothing to do with drugs, he emphasizes.

Watch below:

Sun’s Spectrum’s second EP, “Don’t Chase The Light,” was released in 2020 by Final Muzik for physical release and Mold Records for digital distribution. In 2021 “Remixes” followed: a collection of songs by the band remixed by other artists and friends around the world. In July 2022, the band took part in the Headlight Festival in Croatia and started to release a trilogy of singles: “Hotel Dream,” followed by “In this Noon,” and now completed with “All I Want.”

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