Italian Shoegazers Monoscopes Debut Psychedelic Video for “You’re Gonna Be Mine”

Think about the frustrations
Of resisting temptation
Full of anticipation
But I know you’re gonna be mine

Ah, the certainty of chance—a wonderful paradox, isn’t it? Life, you see, is a grand dance of serendipity and chaos, where seemingly random events align in perfect harmony. Embracing this uncertainty with an open heart allows the law of assumption to work its magic. When you assume love is already present in your life, you set the stage for it to appear. It’s not about forcing outcomes but trusting the cosmic ballet. Believe in the love you seek, and let the universe conspire in your favour. In this dance of chance, your faith and assumptions become the choreography, bringing love to centre stage.

Now Italy’s Monoscopes offer You’re Gonna Be Mine, a charming new single and video by the Woyzeck Traumfabrik™. This track hails from their second album, Endcyclopedia, released last January by Big Black Car Records. It’s quite the delightful number, with a sprinkle of whimsy. Imagine a noise cavalcade accompanied by dreamlike scenery—echoes and distortions wandering through a psychedelic and eerie forest.

The song speaks of intense longing and an unwavering determination to win someone’s love. The singer grapples with temptation, feeling themselves fall ever deeper. Despite the hurdles, they fully embrace their hopeful (and perhaps slightly delulu) confidence that this person will eventually be theirs. It’s a tale of persistence, hope, and a steadfast belief in the inevitable reciprocation of their affections.

Watch below:

In 2015, Monoscopes came into being, guided by Paolo Mioni—a multi-instrumentalist from Padua and former member of Italy’s Jennifer Gentle. Joining him were veterans of the North-East Italian indie scene: Francesco Sicchieri on drums and percussion, Francesco Pagliarin on guitar and bass, and Marco Degli Esposti, who handles bass, guitar, keyboards, and backing vocals. With their combined talents, Monoscopes evolved into a full-fledged band. Their sound, reminiscent of Spiritualized, Built to Spill, and Interpol, is both familiar and refreshingly unique.

In 2021, Monoscopes treated us to their debut album, Painkillers And Wine, released via Big Black Car Records, their very own label. Not ones to rest on their laurels, they began recording their second album, Endcyclopedia, at Marco Degli Esposti’s Happenstance Recording Studio. This new record sees the band scaling new heights in lyrics, songwriting, and performance.

Listen to the track below and order the album here.

Endcyclopedia begins like an epic poem, with an invocation to The Electric Muse in I Wanna Know Why, pondering the very essence of creating music and songs. It concludes with a character who, much like Orlando from Ludovico Ariosto’s famous poem, loses his wits on the moon in A Quiet Life. Between these bookends, you’ll find a delightful assortment of tales of ordinary madness, a potpourri of emotions and events, and a no-holds-barred exploration into human nature. It’s like a whimsical journey through the labyrinth of the human psyche, with a few amusing detours along the way.

Released in January 2024, Endcyclopedia boasts some delightful guest appearances by Tommaso Cerasuolo, the lead singer of Perturbazione, and Francesco Candura, who lent his bass skills to Jennifer Gentle for many years.

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