Italian Dark Folk Artist Nero Kane Debuts Video for “Lady of Sorrow”

Nero Kane, whose intimate and decadent psych dark folk world projects emotional vision and cinematic drama, returns with a new video for Lady of Sorrow, a new single off his debut album, Of Knowledge and Revelation. The Italian musician’s European-influenced vocals and guitar style intertwine with a uniquely American desert sound, as he explores the themes of death, religion and love.

Kane’s collaboration with filmmaker and musician Samantha Stella continues. For the past five years Kane and Stella have performed together in clubs, theatres, churches, museums, and art galleries across Europe and the US. Their live performances have been described as “journeys through darkness and melancholy, with the creation of a morbid beauty and an intensity that make them unique.”

For this offering, Samantha Stella created a garden of dried flowers, welcoming the preacher (Kane) into a vision, where love and death exchange their roles as in a Dante’s circle between Heaven and Hell. This references an excerpt from the writings of the mystic Mechthild Von Magdeburg, from which the title of the record is taken.

“The video is mainly inspired by Dante, the most important Italian poet, and his beloved Beatrice,” Stella explains. “Nero is a kind of preacher compared to the figure of Dante, who in his writing “Divine Comedy”, one of the main poems of the Middle Ages, is travelling through Hell, Purgatory and Heaven, allegorically representing the soul’s journey towards God.”

Watch the video for “Lady of Sorrow” below:

Of Knowledge and Revelation was recorded near Venice with producer Matt Bordin of Outside Inside Studio. Nero Kane describes the album as a new path in his constant spiritual pilgrimage through darkness, fog and light. “A journey made of solitude, of rise and fall, in a world that recalls Dante’s Limbo,” he continues. “I love feeding myself with visions, literature and painting in particular. Inspirations came from old paintings like “Ascent of the Blessed” (1490) by Hieronymus Bosch, engravings like Dante’s “Divina Commedia” (1861) by Gustave Dorè, and writings like “Tears and Saints” (1937) by Emil M. Cioran, “Hymns to the Night” (1800) by Novalis and “The Flowing Light of the Godhead” (1250-1270) by German mystic Mechthild Von Magdeburg, who also appeared in my previous album Tales of Faith and Lunacy.”

Of Knowledge and Revelation will be released on the 30th of September via Italian experimental label Subsound Records on double LP 45rpm special limited edition and black vinyl, plus CD and digital formats. It is available for pre-order here via Sub Sound Records and Bandcamp.

Nero Kane, with Samantha Stella on mellotron, organ and vocals, is about to go on tour between October and December 2022 in support of Of Knowledge and Revelation. See the dates in the flyer below.

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