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Hungarian Dark folk & New Wave Act Cawatana Debuts “Live at Home”

Hungarian dark folk/new wave band Cawatana premieres a “live at home” video as a teaser for their forthcoming album Victory Of Regret (Senkrecht Records).

On this new album, Cawatana‘s signature dark folk acoustic guitars merge with darkwave/postpunk/minimal wave sounds of analogue synths and drum machines, forming a bridge between acoustic and electronic, highlighting the best of both worlds.

“In spring 2020 everybody recorded live videos at home,” says the band, who followed suit. For a while, their efforts laid in limbo, but they decided now is the perfect time to release it as a teaser for Victory of Regret.

“When we purchased new equipment we always rearranged our songs, created new versions for concerts…as we liked these new versions, many times we recorded them in the studio as well. It has been the same since the very beginning.”

The band also added analogue synths, drum machines, and hardware sequencers to their repertoire, which required another rearrangement of their sound.

Victory Of Regret’s eight tracks cover 20 years from the history of Cawatana; the songs re-created with the new equipment. It includes the very first song written for Cawatana in 1999 and also the last one from 2019 – all in brand new versions.

The album will be out on CD first: the vinyl version is not decided yet, but they are open to a pressing if someone is interested in releasing it, even as a shared release. Miracles do happen!

Check out White Again (Live At Home):

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