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Hamburg Goth Rockers Girls Under Glass Reignite in their Video for “We Feel Alright”

Following lengthy hiatus, Girls Under Glass have made a triumphant comeback with their black and white video for “We Feel Alright,” a dynamic post-punk track featuring potent synths and guitars. This single is the first taste of their eagerly anticipated new album, Backdraft. Hailing from Hamburg, the gothic rock group’s latest offering draws from their storied past while forging a fresh path for the future of darkwave.

“We Feel Alright” can also be found as a digital single accompanied by two unique Girls Under Glass remixes: the gothic rock-infused “Who the F*** Is Killing Joke?” mix and the EBM-driven “Into the Shining Light” mix. These tracks are available on streaming platforms such as Spotify.

Check out the video for “We Feel Alright” below:

Girls Under Glass describes their upcoming album, Backdraft, as a “creative explosion, blending sounds from our previous works into a seamless record (…) the album transitions between catchy gothic rock, electronic dark wave, and melodic post-punk.”

Drawing inspiration from the fire-related phenomenon of backdraft, the album’s title signifies the band’s rekindled creative energy. Initially intending to create just a few new tracks for an EP, Girls Under Glass found their creativity revitalized, leading to the project evolving into a full-length album. “Backdraft” features lyrics that delve into dystopian themes relevant to today’s world, reflecting the band’s powerful and brooding sound.

Founded in 1986 by Thomas Lücke, Hauke Harms, and Volker “Zaphor” Zacharias, Girls Under Glass (GUG) hails from Hamburg, Germany. GUG, considered “an indispensable part of the German wave and gothic scene,” began as a gothic rock band but quickly ventured beyond genre constraints, exploring the gamut of the goth-industrial “dark music” spectrum.

Backdraft, the band’s first album in 18 years, was recorded, mixed, and produced by Axel Ermes and Volker Zacharias. Chris Harms at Chameleon Studios mastered the album, with cover art by Greg Rolfes and graphic design and artwork by Ulrike Rank.

“Backdraft” is slated for release on June 2nd, 2023, through Dependent Records, available on vinyl, CD, and all streaming and digital platforms.

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