Goth Pop Artist Miss Trezz Debuts the Video for her Serpentine New Single “Slither”

Negative portrayals depict the humble snake as a cunning predator, embodying betrayal and corruption. From Eden’s tempter to the Norse Midgard Serpent, it symbolizes chaos, destruction, and the struggle against dark influences.

Conversely, Kundalini rising ignites the soul, empowering women by awakening intrinsic power and intuition. This coiled serpent at the spine’s base uncoils and ascends, symbolizing renewal and rebirth, channeling through every fiber to forge resilience and inner strength. Women, in this awakened state, reclaim their essence, dismantle societal confines, and embody an unyielding sense of self.

This dichotomy is the essence of the collaboration between Miss Trezz (“God’s Favorite Misfit”) and producer Shok. With Slither, Miss Trezz embraces individuality, challenging norms and exposing the corrosive effects of gossip and hurtful words, revealing hidden wounds.

The lyrics to Slither explore dominance and submission, past traumas, and the weight of external pressures. A predatory force, symbolized as a snake, tightens its grip, suffocating and betraying. Despite venomous attacks, the defiant misfit seeks to escape and reclaim autonomy.

The visual, an experimental Bauhaus aesthetic, amplifies the essence. Directed by Jacquelyn Trezzo and shot by Steven Rosales, the video features Miss Trezz as a serpent-like goddess in a dark lair, surrounded by captured prey. The crescendo shifts to a pulsating rave, where her metamorphosis unfolds amid vibrant lights and cascading water. The rave symbolizes shedding self-doubt and emerging liberated. Slither‘s powerful visuals convey her truth, urging listeners to confront hidden struggles and emerge stronger.

Watch the video for “Slither” below:

Catapulting from the austere sanctuaries of classical discipline and stepping boldly into the pulsating heart of modern electronica, Miss Trezz defies expectation. Her voice commands and electrifies, drawing comparisons to the stark energy of Phantogram and the kinetic intensity of Metric.

Reducing her to these influences alone, however, misses the point entirely. Her foundation in classical music is merely the beginning, as she seamlessly weaves through the somber depths of darkwave, the relentless pulse of industrial, and the entrancing beats of trip-hop. Just when a pattern seems to emerge, she disrupts it with a gothic pop inflection, an operatic flourish, a flirtation with jazz, or an audacious plunge into the frenetic realms of synthwave, electronica, and the fiercely unapologetic Nu Metal. Miss Trezz is an artist in perpetual motion, constantly redefining her soundscape and defying easy categorization.

Slither is available here via Re: Mission Entertainment. Cover Art by Jacquelyn Trezzo. Order here

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Cover Art by Jacquelyn Trezzo
Alice Teeple

Alice Teeple is a photographer, multidisciplinary artist, and writer. She is not in Tin Machine.

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