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German Synth Act Risk Risk Revives the 80s with “Blue Science” Compilation

Long lying dormant in the vaults of time, Wave Records announces Blue Science, a compilation of tunes from the German synth band Risk Risk, on vinyl and CD.

“For the first time, you’ll hear a compilation of the very first songs I did and some of the latest Risk Risk songs,” says the band. “Songs I consider to be my personal favourites.”

Risk Risk formed as a solo act in 2009. The music was all handmade with original vintage analogue equipment, without using computers. Catchy and danceable melodies define their sound. It is difficult to pinpoint when their music was made, but there are synth-heavy elements encompassing the spirits of Visage, John Foxx, Japan, Gary Numan/Tubeway Army, early Depeche Mode, and Kraftwerk.  Streetwalk, in particular, is jerky dance-floor perfection, and sawtooth sonic bliss.

Watch the video for “Streetwalk” below:

“The idea was to revive some of the true 80s spirit that uses synthesizers to craft catchy pop songs with melody and vocals. The result may not be 100% perfect, but it carries some kind of emotion that modern music sometimes fails to deliver, in my opinion. I hope you share the feeling and enjoy listening.”

Blue Science is a fine selection of the two previous releases This is 1983, and I hunt for Static – both long sold out. The album also features never before heard bonus footage.  Blue Science is finally available in limited numbers on alluring colour vinyl and CD, or digital. The CD release is slated for January, and the vinyl is next April. Don’t miss out, this is a great compilation.

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