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German Post-Punk Artist XTR Human Debuts Video for Fiery EBM Track “I Want More” — Plus Announces US Tour

Stille meinen Hunger – stille meinen Durst

Ich nehm mir alles – befriede meine Lust

Liebe meine Triebe – lebe meinen Drang

ohne Skrupel Reue -stürmt es in mir an

In the bustle of our modern age, there emerges a quiet affliction—the insidious creep of consumerism. This pervasive ethos, which compels individuals to acquire and amass, has transformed not only our pockets – but our very psyches. The glossy lure of new products and experiences, once thought to bring joy, often begets a vacuous hunger for more. This relentless chase, paradoxically, leads to emptiness, as our worth becomes intertwined with transient possessions.

The existential price we pay is steep: a profound sense of nihilism. When material goods become the yardstick for success and happiness, we lose sight of intrinsic values—love, purpose, and connection. The more we consume, the more the world seems devoid of meaning. In seeking to fill our lives with objects, we risk emptying them of significance. It is a disquieting irony of our times that, in our quest for more, we find ourselves with less.

This is the impetus behind the fiery new nihilistic anthem from German post-punk act XTR HUMAN. In the shadowy recesses of Berlin’s underground scenes, where bat-infested cellars mingle with raucous warehouse parties, Johannes Stabel has, for the last decade, been pilfering only the catchiest bits across several genres the city is renowned for, such as coldwave, EBM, and post-punk. “I WANT MORE” – barked auf Deutsch in Stabel’s native tongue – delves into the unrelenting desire to consume and to abuse the system with rampant greed.

In a music video helmed by German filmmaker Matthias Landenberger, there unfolds an evocative narrative that charts a protagonist’s journey amidst the kinetic avenues of an urban metropolis. The tale grapples with the undeniable grip of capitalism and the ubiquitous imprint of branding in city life. With a judicious blend of brisk edits and languid visual effects, the film potently portrays the frenetic tempo of today’s world, highlighting the subtle, yet compelling sway of a neo-liberal ethos.

Watch the video for “I Want More” below:

The single “I WANT MORE” is a preview of XTR HUMAN’s upcoming album, scheduled to be released in 2024 on the esteemed label WIE EIN GOTT Records. You can order it below:

 In addition to the new single and video release, XTR HUMAN has exciting news for his fans in the United States. The artist will embark on a captivating tour across the USA in October and November 2023.  Catch him at the following shows:

XTR Human US Tour Dates:

  • October 13 San Diego, CAL The Whistle Stop
  • October 20 Sacramento, CAL Cafe Colonial
  • October 21 Los Angeles, CAL The Stardust Club
  • October 24 Houston, TX Black Magic Social Club
  • October 25 Dallas, TX Three Links
  • October 26 Austin, TX Valhalla
  • October 27 San Antonio, TX Hi-Tones
  • October 28 Chicago, Sanctum Festival
  • November 03 Tampa, FL, New World

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