German Post-Punk Artist Johnson McCloud Confronts The Melancholy of Nostalgia in the Video for “Don’t Get Lost”

Singer, producer, and elementary school teacher Nils Deweer, alias Johnson McCloud, confronts nostalgia with his emotional new track “Don’t Get Lost.” Sounding like a lost Echo & The Bunnymen or Julian Cope number, the sweeping, melancholy plea advises against indulging in too much emotional time travel.

The former Blue Angel Lounge singer muses upon the meaning of the track: “Especially in these current, difficult times, many of us look back to the carefree past. Some seek solace in earlier times that they felt were more successful or fun. On the one hand, the song expresses a certain understanding for looking back through its melancholy. On the other hand, the lyrics also warn against digging too deeply into the past. Everything that we associate with the past, such as love, friendship, and formative emotional moments, is all too happy to prevent us from looking ahead again at some point.”

The video was perfectly illustrated with the stunning sepia-tinted surrealist video by Berlin filmmaker John Wohlmacher. It features the luminous spirits of actresses Hannah Jeremic and Capucine Buri. A conversation between Deweer and Wohlmacher generated a fruitful brainstorm for the idea behind the clip.

“Interestingly, the song’s atmosphere fit my ideas perfectly,” says Wohlmacher. “So what is my video about? I’m sure to a dozen people, it will mean a dozen things. One might see in it a story of love and heartbreak – another the story of artistic creation. Some might see it as a pondering on addiction, while I’m sure somebody else might read it as a further exploration or my occult interests, dealing with witchcraft and mysterious entities. To me, it’s a work I’ve conceived coming out of an era of deep emotional unrest, and so, I hope it is enriched by a sense of gravity and an aura of an artist who has found peace…I hope it means something. I know it does to me.”

Watch the video below:

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Featured Photo: Bjoern Leste

Alice Teeple

Alice Teeple is a photographer, multidisciplinary artist, and writer. She is not in Tin Machine.

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