Drab Majesty Return with Their Video for “Vanity” Featuring Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell

They won’t find you interesting

A symptom of the industry of vanity

A city child with a pretty smile

An appetite for limelight

At long last, Drab Majesty return, unveiling their upcoming EP, “An Object in Motion.” This four-track creation will hit the shelves on August 25th, brought to you by Dais Records.

Adding to the anticipation, Drab Majesty has released the captivating first single, “Vanity.” This track bears an extraordinary charm – it houses a rare vocal contribution from Rachel Goswell, esteemed member of Slowdive. Engulfed in a melody reminiscent of The Cure, Goswell’s signature airy voice takes a poetic plunge, adding a profound gravitas. With its six-minute duration expertly utilized, it presents itself as a shimmering gothic ballad, each moment radiating with emotional depth.

Navigating through the poignant narrative of this beautiful yet heartrending tune is a gradual ascent to a dynamic climax, where the voices of Demure and Goswell entwine flawlessly against a backdrop of entrancing guitar melodies. The song wields a biting critique of social media, influencer culture, and the perpetuated cliché of Hollywood starlets, embodying an acerbic commentary on contemporary society. Vanity, as they say, kills.

The collaboration came as the result of a mutual admiration for each other’s work. “As a long time listener and devotee of Slowdive, a band that literally shaped my DNA as a listener and musician, it was truly humbling to have Rachel offer her iconic vocal stylings to this song,” muses Deb Demure. “Her voice is a sonic treasure and unmistakable. I’m infinitely grateful to call her a friend and am still pinching myself wondering –  how did we get here?”

Rachel Goswell also adds, “It’s no secret that I am a long time Drab Majesty fan so when Deb asked me some years ago now if I would be interested in collaborating it was an immediate yes. Honoured to give my voice to Vanity.”

Under the skilled direction of Jai Love, the video delivers a visceral impact, chronicling a journey of innocence lost. It ushers us through the proverbial dark night of the soul as we witness a young life swerve alarmingly off track. We’re left questioning the fate of the little girl who once harbored grand dreams – where is she now? What has she become? These profound inquiries echo hauntingly through the cinematic narrative, underlining the poignant theme of the song. Demure and Goswell appear in her vision like a Greek chorus, reminding her of who she was.

Watch the video for “Vanity”, featuring Rachel Goswell” below:

In the heart of Los Angeles, Andrew Clinco unveiled an intriguing musical brainchild, Drab Majesty in 2011. Best recognized for commanding the drum set in the band Marriages, Clinco immersed himself into this endeavor, assuming the genderfluid role of Deb Demure. As the project took shape, Mona D (born Alex Nicolaou), a gifted keyboardist and vocalist, joined the group in 2016, introducing an extra layer of complexity to their sound.

Since partnering with the forward-thinking Dais Records, Drab Majesty has spawned three thought-provoking albums: their hauntingly beautiful debut, Careless (2015), the introspective journey of The Demonstration (2017), and the evocative Modern Mirror (2019).

Drab Majesty seamlessly weaves androgynous aesthetics with powerful vocals, laying the foundation for a dystopian landscape rich with occult lyrics. This fusion, which Demure describes as “tragic wave,” draws listeners into a deeply captivating world. To enhance the impact of their performances, Demure dons costumes and makeup and uses theatrical props, all harmoniously integrated with the band’s lush, ’80s-inspired music. This results in a formidable stage presence that is both spellbinding and hauntingly beautiful.

Stretching across a generous 32-minute span, the forthcoming release occupies a unique space in between an EP and a mini-album, and flags off a riveting new phase in Drab Majesty’s glorious journey. Conceived during a 2021 sojourn to the secluded coastal town of Yachats, Oregon, Deb Demure found inspiration in the neo-psychedelic echoes of an unusual bowl-shaped 12-string Ovation acoustic/electric guitar.

Days started with early morning ventures into the rain-soaked landscape, succeeded by a cycle of recording guitar improvisations, as Deb dove deep into “flow states,” allowing the melodies to chart the path. These introspective jam sessions were then polished or reinterpreted, before finally getting amplified to an entirely different level. The keys to this transformation were collaborative works with additional esteemed personalities: Justin Meldal-Johnson, known for his work with Beck, M83, and Air; and Ben Greenberg of Uniform and Circular Ruin Studio.

Holding true to its name, “An Object In Motion” encapsulates the transformative essence of an artist in evolution. It vividly portrays the cocoon stage of a metamorphosis – an artist unfettered, reborn, and outlined against an infinite horizon. The collection serves as a crystal ball, illuminating myriad possible paths that could emanate from Drab’s ever-changing realm. With their sound on the verge of a metamorphosis, Drab Majesty teeters on the edge of a profound musical shift.

Pre-order An Object In Motion ahead of its August 25 release date here.

Don’t miss out: Drab Majesty is set to storm the stage at Austin’s gritty underground gathering, Oblivion Access Festival. Be there on June 17th to witness their unmistakable presence.

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