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Delrei Drives Down a Lost Highway in the Video for the Gothic Cowboy Tune “Get Lost Blues”

Bathed in mysterious, electric guitar twangs and spectral tunes dusted with age, the sultry “Get Lost Blues” from Delrei’s Desolation and Radiation conducts a spaghetti Western symphony of the post-apocalyptic West.

With this song, Italian tunesmith Alessandro Mercanzin envisions a dystopian future where a lone wanderer braves a merciless, nuclear-blasted wasteland. With rural echoes of banjo, harmonica, and mouth harp, punctuated by the thunderous beat of orchestral timpani, Mercanzin crafts a foreboding score for this imagined landscape.

It’s a territory where the nights are awash with an eerie chill, a land of crimson horizons drenched in melancholy solitude. Each note summons forth an ethereal spectre that draws you into a hypnotic trance, unveiling an arid yet mesmerizing world of forlorn solitude. This is the new West — a vast expanse shaped by desolation and radiation, a mythic frontier that Mercanzin eloquently brings to life through the universal language of music. We hear echoes of the iconic compositions of Ennio Morricone, the brooding rock ‘n’ roll vibe of Chris Isaak, the atmospheric melodies of Angelo Badalamenti, the eerie dreamworld of David Lynch (particularly Wild At Heart and Lost Highway,) and the expressive guitar strings of James Wilsey.

Under the skillful directorial gaze of Michele Piazza, the music video is a visual tribute to Spaghetti Western aesthetics, juxtaposed with a hint of David Lynch’s signature surrealism. The star of this moving canvas? A classic 1972 Ford Taunus, its metallic body reflecting the moonlight as it cruises through a nocturnal desert landscape, manned by a cryptic figure.

Accompanying this tableau is a harmonica-wielding troubadour, his music the soundtrack to this midnight meandering. His eyes follow the car’s journey, observing each twist and turn with an enigmatic gaze. This leaves us wondering – is he embarking on a carefree, aimless wander through the barren desert or is he, in fact, on a purposeful odyssey? The question hangs in the dry desert air, as elusive as the mysterious driver and his vintage companion.

Watch the video below:

Desolation and Radiation is a wordless vision of a lost world from the future,” Mercanzin reflects upon the album’s concept. “To me it’s melancholy, filled with lost dreams. With a ghostly sound in my mind, I wanted to pull off dark intriguing riffs, and I found I could say a lot of things with a few whispered notes from my guitars. These songs paint dramatic scenes that take me to a reverb-drenched wasteland in a parallel world.”

Under the deft touch of producer Maurizio Baggio—known for his work with Soft Moon, Boy Harsher, and Nuovo Testamento— Mercanzin weaves a sonic narrative, drawing from the Giallo-pulp that punctuated his musical awakening, while simultaneously playing around the tropes, both avoiding and embracing, of traditional Italian Spaghetti Westerns. This bold expedition in sound harnesses the soul of various guitars and vintage instruments, resonating with echoic reverbs and the strum of the marranzanu, a classic Sicilian harp. The instrumental ensemble is largely played by Mercanzin himself, further textured by the warm hum of Baggio’s retro synthesizers and 60s era organs.

When the last note of Desolation and Radiation fades into the distance, it leaves behind more than a symphony of sounds. It leaves an echo of a prophetic caution – a covert plea urging us not to let the ghosts of our past transmute our now into a fearsome tomorrow. At its core, the album is a poignant reminder, a beacon warning us against venturing down a path that leads to a desolate, irradiated future.


Desolation and Radiation is out now via Projekt Records.

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