Deathrockers Tears for the Dying go to Where the Dead Lie in their video for “Go Die”

Athens, Georgia Deathrockers Tears for the Dying go to where the dead lie in their video for “Go Die”. The song, produced by Tom Ashton of The March Violets, is a new single following their last studio album Memories, which was released this past March.

The song was originally written in 2004 and was about a small group of elitist Goths, not unlike Anne Gwish and her friends from the Johnny the Homicidal Manic comics, who went to local clubs to make fun people they didn’t like,  pushing people out of the scene.

The video, produced by Lewis Stice, was compiled from footage Debbie Beat and Adria Stembridge shot earlier this year, where the pair in their glamourous darkness wander amongst the tombs and gravestones before taking to playing live in a fog-laden club, all set to the music of the short-lived, yet caustic and biting punk-infused gothic rock of “Go Die”.

Watch the video for “Go Die” below:

Tears for the Dying was founded by Athens, GA native Adria Stembridge in the fall of 2003. After recording a 4-song EP in 2004, Adria brought together Max Alember, Dara Bishop, Todd Caras, and Jeffrey Butzer to perform a series of live dates in 2005. The band went on a ten-year hiatus in 2006.

Interest in Tears for the Dying sparked again in 2017 when Adria rearranged several Tears songs for solo performance. After playing several shows including the inaugural Brain Aid Festival in Athens, GA, Adria met guitarist/bassist Debra Beat at a Georgia Trans Day of Remembrance event, and the two soon began working together in Tears. Mutual friend, musician, and Atlanta Rollergirl Cancer Candy joined Tears for the Dying shortly after, performing with the band until mid-2020.

Since rising from the grave, Tears for the Dying has since performed at shows around the southeast including AthFest, Brain Aid, Memphis Queer Fest, and TransPWR festivals, as well as Atlanta Roller Derby halftime shows. Tears have also recently supported notable gothic bands such as Entertainment and My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult

Find the single on Bandcamp Here

artwork by Knave Murdok

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