David Lynch and Chrystabell Announce New Album “Cellophane Memories” and Share Their Video for “Sublime Eternal Love”

He fell down crying…calling out he cried…cried for understanding…
and the noise turned to music.

As the world seems to spiral further into chaos and uncertainty, there is an undeniable hunger for something pure and transcendent to guide us through the madness. Picture a celestial hymn, one that resonates with the very essence of the universe. Its notes, woven from stardust and echoes of forgotten dreams, would rise above the clamor of our troubled times, offering a beacon of hope and solace.

In the midst of discord, Sublime Eternal Love, the new song from David Lynch and Chrystabell from their upcoming album Cellophane Memories (via Sacred Bones), reminds us of the beauty and harmony that still exist, even if obscured by the shadows of our current reality. This is a song for and from the soul—an ethereal melody that lifts our spirits and reminds us of the possibility of redemption and peace. As we navigate through the tumult, this celestial hymn would be our guiding star, illuminating the path to a future where beauty and serenity prevail.

As with most Lynch songs, the words are minimal, poignant, and deeply moving. Chrystabell’s warmth comes through as her vocals overlap and intertwine with the lush synth organs, channeling the heavens. In this song, we find a moment of stillness, a reminder of the eternal, a glimmer of light – or a flash, in this case –  in the darkness.

Lynch’s hypnotically compelling video for Sublime Eternal Love feels like an exoneration from a benevolent higher power and a reverence for the message of love and hope that it brings. His artistry shines brightly as a sweetly smiling Chrystabell appears as three different versions of herself in the same frame, each singing a different line and harmonizing with the other two. Near the end of the video, gray clouds sweep swiftly past, mirroring the trance-like quality of both the visuals and the music. The entire piece becomes a mesmerizing dance of light and sound, a poignant reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is beauty and solace to be found.

Watch the video for Sublime Eternal Love below:

As with much of Chrystabell and Lynch’s past work, Cellophane Memories makes us ponder the unknown. Within every mystery lies fragments of feelings and ideas; the realm of dreams and whispers; the topsy-turvy nature of time; memories of what once was; a distant light shining from the darkness; music found within silence; and certainly love. Some questions, it seems, are meant to be lived rather than solved.

Chrystabell, a hyper-creative polymath based in Texas, is a familiar face to David Lynch fans: they have collaborated on a series of musical projects for years, and you may recognize her as Agent Tammy Preston in Twin Peaks: The Return. She also has recently collaborated with Marc Collin of Nouvelle Vague to perform ambitious covers of songs by The Cure as Strange As Angels, released the brilliant solo album Midnight Star in 2022, and created the short film Cosmic Crown in 2022.

The origin of Cellophane Memories traces back to a vision David Lynch had during a nighttime walk through a forest of tall trees. Over the tops of those trees, he saw a bright light. As he recalls, the light transformed into the lilt of Chrystabell’s voice, revealing a secret to him. From these mysterious convergences of light and sound, day and night, starry sky and black forest, their collaboration has continued to blossom. Their work, born from these enchanting moments, carries the magic and mystery of that initial vision, a blend of ethereal whispers and nocturnal revelations.

This is the third record from the artistic duo. For Cellophane Memories, they have ventured through different portals, crafting songs that unfold in fairytale forests, mountain peaks, swimming holes, crepuscular highways, and darkened bedrooms. These settings evoke both loneliness and romance, the kind of sublime places where one might wander alone in search of a lost lover. Yet they also exist as shapeless atmospheres—of color, weather, and breath: blue and white skies, red roses, darkening thunderheads, swirling winds, and summer perfumes. These elements swiftly envelop the traveler, immersing them in the supernatural sensations of other worlds, where every whisper and shadow hints at magic just beyond reach.

“(The album) contains “many doors that are left open to wonder, wander and get turned around in,” says Chrystabell. “It’s like mood music – not that it creates mood, but more that it reflects your own.”

Pre-order Cellophane Memories here. The album will be released on August 2nd via Sacred Bones Records.

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