Darkwave Artist Harsh Symmetry Debuts Icy New Single “Glass Tears”

Darkwave artist and now LA-based musician Julian Sharwarko ccommands the attention of the underground auditory spectrum with his intriguing project, Harsh Symmetry. This endeavor, deeply rooted in a nostalgic yearning for the classic post-punk era of the 1980s, is strikingly innovative and stands as a testament to Sharwarko’s finesse in straddling the lines of past and present. His respect for genre titans such as Dave Gahan, New Order, Echo and the Bunnymen, Julian Cope, and Phil Oakey of Human League is evident, their influences leaving indelible imprints on his sonic landscape.

This fusion of nostalgia and revivalism places Harsh Symmetry at the interesting crossroads of retro and contemporary darkwave. While teetering on the edge of gothic, his style is rooted more in the precision of Krautrock here. “Glass Tears” deviates from his previous work in that it takes a sharp turn from industrial elements and John Hughes nostalgia into purely frosty territory; his mournful lamentations echoing and reverberating over staccato, motorik-style synths. The track’s mesmerizing dance rhythm propels the listener on a journey through a mist of dystopian ambiance and eerie tones. The soundscape is as haunting as it is intoxicating. This blend of raw humanity and electronic hypnotic beats results in a musical experience that is chillingly atmospheric, yet irresistibly danceable.

“This song was the result of a lot of experimentation and revision,” says Shawarko. “My intention was to create a track that was ice cold. Sophisticated without losing musicality, and repetitive without overstaying its welcome.”

Listen below:

“Glass Tears” serves as the genesis of Harsh Symmetry’s forthcoming second album, “Imitation.

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