Darkwave Act The Russian White debuts a brand new music video for “The Augurist”, a spectral and atmospheric work of sonic divination featured on the album The Haunted Beach—the sophomore release from the Pennsylvania Deathwave outfit.

Vocalist Tom Rhymer, who breathes softly untoward omens throughout the chilling composition, shares his inspiration behind the making of the video.

“We once again teamed up with Jay Arch in filming the video for “The Augurist”. Jay took our vision and delivered an incredible piece of art. “The Augurist” chronicles my life in a visual biography of sorts. Places I lived, where I grew up, places I would explore and hang out. I moved around a lot as a kid and I think I’ve never really understood what having a real home meant until recently. Those nomadic times are probably why I feel at home when we are out on the road. You travel around make some friends and hope to one day see them.

When we released The Haunted Beach back in October 2019 we were coming off a bunch of tours, the record was selling pretty well and we had all these ideas for what we were gonna do next. Then the Covid crisis really drastically altered our plans. Tours and shows cancelled. “The Augurist” video shoot during the lost summer of 2020 really encapsulated the mood we were all feeling.

As a band, we think about the potential impact our music can make. I think most of us can relate to feeling uncertain about our place in the universe. Being self-aware of our ultimate fate is one of the ideas I tried to explore in the video. Life is like being on a rollercoaster at night, you can sorta see where your going at times but it’s also pitch black sometimes and before you know it, it’s all over.

Watch the video for ‘The Augurist” below:

Along with the debut of the new music video, it has been announced that The Russian White have been tapped to compose the score for the upcoming grindhouse-style action flick Hellfire.

Vocalist Tom Rhymer had this to say about The Russian White’s involvement in the movie biz:

“It was about two years ago when I first got in contact with Jeremy Sumrall through a mutual friend. We clicked on our love for underground and underrated films that were ambitious for smaller budgets. I’ve always dabbled in film as a director for shorts and music videos but always wanted to be a part of bigger productions. I figured if Trent Reznor & Kanga can score movies why not us as well? The Hellfire soundtrack will feature an original score as well as new songs from our upcoming album Funeral Art slated for an early 2022 release.”

Hellfire is a production of Texas-based First Week of Winter Films headed by writer/director Jeremy Sumrall. A self-described Texploitation Flickmaker Sumrall is best known for Pickaxe (2014), the award-winning horror short In Extremis (2014), and the music video for “Zombies” by Galactic Cowboys (2017) as well as the VERY NSFW mock trailer for Cannibal Call Girls From Hell.

Hellfire is described as “The next insane balls-to-the-fucking-wall, blood-splattered, sleaze-soaked slab of TEXPLOITATION!!!!! Imagine “DEATH WISH” meets “JOHN WICK” meets “HARD TICKET TO HAWAII” by way of “MACHETE” and now you’re getting it!!!!!” – Sumrall

Meanwhile, The Russian White’s album The Haunted Beach is out now.

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