Darkwave Act Black Plastic Rides Forth in his Video for “Sucker”

Saddle up for one hell of a ride through the wilds of the American frontier. We have it all: insane televangelists shilling slop buckets for the End Times paranoid…monster trucks…menacing bulls…line dancing…guns at your local Walmart. It’s all at your fingertips. Salvation, entertainment, and all the heat you could possibly pack, supported by Amendment Numero Dos and the near-mythological Founding Fathers.

Darkwave act Black Plastic unleashes the video for “Sucker”, a beautiful, if horrifying, monochromatic montage of the American landscape: the concept of stark dichotomy, blunt force arguments, and the modern civil war of light and dark weighs heavy on our minds as we see the gleaming eyes of greed, paranoia, and sheer madness.The video was edited by Dave Cullen and juxtaposes dark, almost industrial sounds with country line dancing, bull riding and monster trucks.

“Sucker is inspired by all of the gullible Americans who think that politicians on the far right are in any way concerned with their welfare,” explains Black Plastic’s Kevin Grady. “It’s also pokes at the ludicrous idea that there is anything Christlike about their policies and beliefs.”

Watch below:

“Sucker” was produced by Jason Corbett of ACTORS, bringing his magic to this politically-charged masterpiece of dark wave. “I suppose it’s kind of like my version of ‘I’m Afraid of Americans’ in some ways,” Grady said.

With the release of this single, Black Plastic also announces a limited-edition purple vinyl edition of their second album, Club Grotesque, out now via Cleopatra Records. The digital version of the album was released earlier this year and features guest vocals from Richard Butler of the Psychedelic Furs. The Club Grotesque album was produced by Casey Desmond, André Obin, and Corbett. The “Sucker” single is available on all digital platforms.

Order Club Grotesque here.

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