Dark Synth Project Profit Prison Let’s Slip New Single “A Matter Of Tact”

Eloquent though she often was I insist – continue, please

Lest we forego our pleasantries

Ignominy? No thanks!

Cause it’s a matter of tact.

It’s been a long, strange trip since Profit Prison dropped the cryptic gem Dreams Of A Dark Building EP four years back. Now, as the dust settles on a world turned upside down by pandemic chaos, the melancholy maestro of dungeon synth, Parker Lautenschlager, steps back into the limelight from his figurative crypt. The Seattle-based wizard behind this enigmatic solo project has weathered a tumultuous storm in the intervening period, a testament to the unpredictable rollercoaster of life, paving

Now, following up the haunting romance of his previous single Sophia, Lautenschlager has unveiled another icy track from his forthcoming full length album Gilt.

When something is about to go down, one almost needs to give their nervous system a pep talk – particularly if the exchange is public.

The lyrics to the nervous, prickly A Matter of Tact reflect this kind of tale that describes the kind of discretion and restraint needed in a setting where privacy is paramount. The song paints a picture of characters who tread lightly in their interactions, underlining the significance of tactfulness to avoid any embarrassment or shame, all while upholding an exterior of calm and courtesy. Its title and mood resonate with Martin Gore’s introspective style, presenting a contemplation akin to a winding conversation or a persistent thought that echoes in one’s consciousness. “A Matter Of Tact” stands out for its cool, restrained delivery and a clear message, reminiscent of the minimalist vibe found in coldwave gems like Grauzone’s “Eisbär,” Das Kabinette, Legendary Pink Dots, and the early Some Bizarre-era Depeche Mode. Its gothic undertones add a spectral resonance, transforming this uneasy daydream with a touch of the otherworldly.

Listen to A Matter of Tact below, and Keep focused!

Profit Prison’s Lautenschlager has endured an arduous trek throughout his life that has ultimately been a fiery crucible, shaping his soul and infusing his latest work with a raw, unfiltered passion. Gilt, the first full-length album from Profit Prison, marks a daring plunge into the mysterious depths of Italo and hi-NRG body music, pushing boundaries and challenging norms. With this bold foray, Lautenschlager intertwines the quintessential elements of Profit Prison – haunting vocals and melodies that nod to the pioneering spirits of synth legends – crafting an ethereal dance odyssey that transcends time and space.

Gilt will be released on April 26 via AVANT! Records.

Pre-order and pre-save here.

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