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Multifaceted NYC Dark Electronic Music Artist Ken Fury Debuts Video for “Rain Over Clouds”

Multifaceted avant-garde New York artist Ken Fury, or Kenneth Marez Jr., originally hails from Pueblo, Colorado. His artistry, inspired by his Nuevomexicano and Indigenous Genízaro roots, delves into the dichotomies of life — creation and destruction — and the intricate bond between mankind and the natural world. Fury’s work is a rich tapestry of multidimensional figures, abstractions, and spaces, all woven from the threads of his dreams, subconscious musings, and life encounters. His creative vision is imbued with themes of love, mortality, transformation, eroticism, spirituality, and the lingering impacts of colonization.

Fury’s latest offering, the sublime track “Rain Over Clouds,” adds further depth to these motifs. It’s an inspiring ode that beckons the soul to transcend the confines of the corporeal realm, carving out a space for unadulterated truth.

The song echoes the experimental tones of Bowie, specifically the ethereal “Blackstar,” while simultaneously introducing a contemporary, electronic twist to traditional indigenous hymns dedicated to nature. It’s a heartfelt tribute to our Mother Earth.

A compelling visual companion to the track, directed by Fury himself, showcases the awe-inspiring landscapes of his ancestral lands in New Mexico and southern Colorado…a loving testament to our inherent ties to the natural world.

“Our existence stems from and relies on it,” he explains. “The video serves as a symbolic reflection of my connection to my ancestral homelands and features locations that are significant to me. I wanted to share the beauty of these landscapes through my perspective and to preserve them.”

During the filming of the song “Rain Over Clouds,” the video production was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic as many locations were inaccessible. “The process of creating the video spanned several years, as I had to navigate travel restrictions and commute back and forth from New York City,” he reflects.

The wait, however, was worth it: his love for the land and its sacred meaning is palpable in this incredible video.

In a remarkable decade-plus journey that took flight in 2010, Ken Fury has been crafting a unique sonic universe, fusing together elements of his poetry, imagery from his paintings, and the visceral pulse of dance. By wielding electronic instruments like drum machines, synthesizers, theremin, along with bass and guitar, Fury has painted an audioscape that’s both distinctive and compelling.

From Flowers Fall Asleep (2012) to Moonlight Bloom (2013), The Cry of Nature’s Birth (2016), and most recently, Rain Over Clouds (2020), Fury has not just played the role of the composer, but also that of the performer, releasing each of these projects on his own label, Inerus Music. Each album is a testament to his prowess, offering a journey through soundscapes that seem to shimmer between the realms of reality and the surreal, with a sonic narrative delicately balancing the old and the new, and everything in between.

Fury’s lyrics, on the other hand, are a remarkable blend of the romantic, the science fiction, and the futuristic, creating an intoxicating cocktail that draws listeners in. His music often acts as a canvas for his short films, which have been recognized and celebrated at various film festivals around the globe.

Adding to his growing list of accomplishments, Ken was recognized as a 2022 nominee at the Native American Music Awards. A testament to his relentless creativity and a celebration of his dedication to his craft.

Ken Fury is set to raise the bar even higher with his upcoming album, Plains of Inferno, slated for release this summer.

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