Croatian Minimal Synth Project Neon Lies Debuts Video for Icy New Single “Bridges”


Hailing from Zagreb, Croatia, Neon Lies, the brainchild of Goran Lautar (Modern Delusion, The Celetoids), burst onto the scene in late 2015. This project, originating from Lautar’s bedroom, quickly became a mainstay in Zagreb’s vibrant D.I.Y. punk and post-punk circles, especially within the Doomtown Records community. After relentless touring and dropping three gripping albums, Neon Lies has become a name synonymous with the city’s dark synth underground.

With Demons, Neon Lies evolves subtly from the raw, minimalistic darkwave vibes of Loveless Adventures, stripping down to excess elements to dive deeper into a bleak, introspective oeuvre. This latest work promises an intensified exploration of the darker, dystopian aspects of contemporary electronic music, channeling the pulsating energy of Europe’s underground club scene. The album, both restless and hauntingly personal, features eleven tracks that blend cold synth melodies, taut basslines, and stark drum patterns, all underscored by Lautar’s poignant, emotive vocals.

The lyrics to the single Bridges describe a tumultuous relationship marked by miscommunication and regret, set against a backdrop of a beautiful yet unforgiving night. Despite efforts to salvage what’s left, the inevitability of collapse looms, with fleeting moments of love and beauty under the stars overshadowed by a sense of danger and impending doom.

Vjetroslav Prdinski directed the curious, magenta-soaked video that evokes the classic allure of Bond girl silhouettes, blending them with intimate glimpses of the band in a dimly lit setting. It’s an enigmatic and surreal experience, akin to a lucid dream where you’re an unseen observer, getting an exclusive look into the band’s artistic rituals.

”We did this video at one nice evening at my home place with no particular plan or scenario,” says Neon Lies. “Kind of happened in a way how probably feels most of the times during my shows, meaning, doing my stuff, this meltdown of mine and you watching it through a door keyhole, or something like that.”

Watch the video for “Bridges” below:

Demons, the much-anticipated fourth album from the Croatian synth project Neon Lies, is set to drop on May 7th, with Wave Tension Records and Cosmic Brood Records pressing the 12” vinyl and Periphylla handling the CD release. The visual aesthetic of Demons comes courtesy of Sven Sorić, while Ruud Lekx brings his mastering expertise to ensure the vinyl edition hits all the right notes.

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