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China Aster Save the World with the Pop-Laden Post-Punk of “Post-Production”

When creating something, have you ever made a mistake, looked at it, and decided it still had potential for redemption with a little digital editing magic? China Aster explores this blithe – if ambitiously ridiculous – attitude by applying it to an ailing planet and its perpetually battling inhabitants. Is Earth redeemable? Are WE redeemable? Perhaps it can all be sorted out, curated, made anew, plumped, and preened. Delete, copy-paste, clone stamp…voilá!

…But who’s gonna do the editing work?

Their delightfully droll new single, “Post-production,” is a comedic celebration of what the band calls ‘lucid daydreaming.’ With its bubblegum-sweet fusion of pop and post-punk, “Post-production” lands as a satirical jab at wellness culture, toxic positivity, and flat-out delusion in a world oversaturated with doom.

Hailing from Guernsey, UK, China Aster (Joshua Moore, Oliver Marson, George Le Page, and Luke Davies) have a seasoned sound, reminiscent of Ultravox, The Smiths, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, Massive Attack, and more modern acts like Perfume Genius. China Aster has a more nuanced, personal feel than in the past, as Moore explores his own voice. While “Post-production” is borne out of a 1980s sound, China Aster’s lyrics are topical, clever, and cheerfully sardonic. We almost believe them!

Listen below:

“Post-Production” is also on Spotify:

Mixed by Joshua Rumble (Black Country, New Road), Post-production follows the band’s first single, ‘If I Could Dance,’ which was released last year. China Aster has shared stages with the Kaiser Chiefs, Macy Gray and Maverick Sabre.

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