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Catherine Moan and Primer are a Synth-Pop Dream Team in Their Video for “My Heart”

When one gives all their energy away with nothing in return, their own emotional wellspring dries up. This is the theme behind the delicious synth pop collaboration between songwriters Catherine Moan and Primer, who joined forces for the effervescently melancholy single inspired by True Blue era Madonna, “My Heart” (via Born Losers Records).

My Heart was a song I started a couple years ago that I thought was destined to die on my hard drive,” says Primer. “It’s about unhealthy altruism and being unable to break a cycle, and I was never able to get it across the finish line. When I started collaborating with Catherine Moan I sent it to her on a whim, not knowing she would completely transform the whole feeling and style of the song for the better – she fully revived it. This collaboration is the first of what will be an EP together.”

The clever self-directed video combines Robert Palmer-style theatrical performance green-screened over stock footage and photography of office views. It’s a fascinating commentary combined with the message of the song: don’t give it all away for a cause that doesn’t love you back.

Watch the video for “My Heart” below:

“My Heart” is available for purchase on Bandcamp. The song is also streaming on Spotify here.

Catherine Moan is the time-bending solo electronic pop project of Angel Jefferson. Jefferson pays tribute to the style and instrumentation of early Depeche Mode, while channeling a soft vocal delivery reminiscent of Strawberry Switchblade’s Rose McDowall. Adrift in a sea of nostalgic bliss, the music goes beyond being completely a throwback act, with a production imbued with the modern glow of more contemporary synth-oriented artists such as Chromatics, CHVRCHES, and TR/ST.

Primer is Vocalist and electronic producer Alyssa Midcalf. Her music is an alchemical transmutation of trauma, juxtaposing harsh realities with her unique spin on ’80s-inspired synthpop.

Catch Primer at the Regent in Los Angeles on October 25th, with Molly Nilsson and Riki.

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