Montreal Post-Punk Outfit The City Gates Debut Video for “Le Silence” from “Age of Resilience”

Montreal post-punk band, The City Gates, have unveiled their new video for “Le Silence.” Skillfully weaving post-punk and darkwave influences, their music is characterized by its atmospheric, haunting melodies and powerful rhythms, brought to life by their enigmatic stage presence. Their sound results from a mix of highlights of dark, obscure alternative music drenched in reverb, fuzz, and delays. Their creative process leans on the great chemistry between all the bandmates, and their shared passion for history and social turmoil is reflected in their lyrics. 

With a deft touch, “Le Silence” interweaves forceful percussion and throbbing basslines with echoing French-language vocals. The accompanying self-directed monochromatic music video exudes an unmistakable 80s and 90s aesthetic, drawing on live footage captured during the band’s extensive “Age of Resilience” tour across Europe and North America in 2022. The haunting visuals and nostalgic vibe are a perfect complement to the band’s mesmerizing sonic landscape, enveloping viewers in the raw emotion of their electrifying performance.

Watch the video for ‘Le Silence” below:

The City Gates is now in the studio to work on their next album, which shall be released in late 2023 on Icy Cold Records and Velouria Recordz. Listen to Age of Resilience below also available on vinyl and cassette, here:

The band is also planning another European tour due in October 2023. The band describes their live shows as a “relentless barrage of melodic guitars, explosive drums, and aggressive bass, mixed with cathedral-esque vocals, mixed with energetic performances and visuals.”

The City Gates has already shared the stage with Trisomie 21, A Place to  Bury Strangers, Actors, HAPAX, Solar Fake, She Pleasures Herself, Days of Sorrow,  The Foreign Resort, Bootblacks, and many more. 

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