Canadian Dreampop Ensemble VERTTIGO Debuts Video for “Snow Angels”

When light has gone

Snow angels will turn to grey

Dark veil of our embrace

Into an Endless Lunar Gaze

In Ancient Greek mythology, Persephone, the daughter of Demeter, was seized by Hades and taken to the underworld. The earth, reflecting Demeter’s sorrow, became barren. A negotiated settlement later permitted Persephone to divide her time between the surface, signaling the arrival of spring, and the underworld, ushering in winter. This recurring cycle illustrates the seasonal shifts, embodying themes of renewal and decline, and representing the equilibrium between light and darkness in the natural order.

Snow Angels, the latest release from Canadian dream pop ensemble VERTTIGO, celebrates the sublime beauty nestled in the deep, frozen quietude of those long, frigid northern winters. This ethereal track, evoking the stylings of Weyes Blood, Zola Jesus, Cocteau Twins, and Chrystabell, offers a refreshing breath of polar air. VERTTIGO (who hail from Edmonton, Alberta) seamlessly blur the lines between dream pop, shoegaze and goth music, capturing the hushed exhilaration of watching the first snowflakes gently accumulate, enveloping the world in a serene, soundless blanket. The song distills the spellbinding calm and profound stillness of a snow-covered landscape, wrapping listeners in its enchanting chill.

The lyrics express a sense of ethereal connection and romantic melancholy under the moonlight, where the speaker feels the presence of another, described as holding onto heaven. As the night progresses, there is a shift to solitude and fading memories, symbolized by snow angels turning grey. The song conveys a longing to transcend the physical through a mystical, lunar gaze.

VERTTIGO wanted to create an immersive experience that transports the audience to a realm where the often chilling aspects of a dark winter night are presented as soft and beautiful, so they enlisted figure skaters Mackenzie Mah and Mikala Cutler to perform an exquisite ice dance.

Directed by Morgan Gold and filmed by Chase Gardiner, the visually stunning cinematography blends VERTTIGO’s dark allure with the elements of an ethereal snowscape.

Evoking themes of love, death, and rebirth, the music video alternates between scenes of band members performing amid a relentless blizzard and figure skaters in a dance of resistance and surrender, moving towards and away from an inevitable embrace. This interplay, like Demeter and Hades seeking compromise for the warmth of Persephone, highlights the tumultuous and cyclical nature of human connections, mirrored by the elemental fury of the storm. (There is also a beautiful nod to the exuberant snow scene in Edward Scissorhands).

The beauty of this song and video will surely thaw the iciest of hearts. Watch below:

With subdued synths and muted guitar tones, Verttigo cloaks themselves in black attire and dark makeup, a visual echo of lead singer K A R Í M A H’s haunting vocals.

“We are in a constant spiral of Love, Death, Loss & Rebirth. Living in Verttigo,” they proclaim, succinctly encapsulating their artistic ethos and embracing a cycle of emotional extremes that defines their music and performance style.

Snow Angels is out on all streaming platforms, and as a limited edition 7″ record with Los Angeles-based Dum Dum Records. The B-side to the single will feature VERTTIGO’s New Wave-inspired rendition of Mazzy Star’s dreamy Fade Into You.

Snow Angels is also available now on all major streaming platforms via Dum Dum Records.

Listen below, and order here:


Alice Teeple

Alice Teeple is a photographer, multidisciplinary artist, and writer. She is not in Tin Machine.

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