California Post-Punk Outfit Creux Lies Debut Video for “PS Goodnight”

Sacramento post-punk outfit Creux Lies, have unveiled their lyric video for “PS Goodnight”, the latest single from their forthcoming new album Goodbye Divine-out next week via European label Freakwave.

This latest track from the band, “PS Goodnight”, is a wistful and almost folk-like ballad, whose melody drifts along with acoustic guitars, cascading percussion, melancholic keys, and frontman Ean Elliot Clevenger’s sonorous vocal delivery.

On writing the song, Clevenger muses on themes of the preciousness of both time and friendships:

The fountain of my friendships of youth flowed over with golden moments of meaning. From a young age to old, through the joy and tragedy… the entirety of my friendships, both short and long, fed/feed my roots and branches as I became/become. Terribly and inescapably, some of my divinals left this world too soon.

PS Goodnight is simply a story of the riches of friendship and the inevitability of mortal poverty. Technically and sonically, this track was sculpted from the base and beautiful guitar composition from Barry’s writing flurry. Like the other tracks of this album created in individual isolation, it landed on a mentally blurry day during the shutdown on the studio speakers of my forest set cottage like a sun-laced cloud. The hidden joy beamed through the grey melody. It was easy to let the rain come.”

Watch the video for “PS Goodnight” below:

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