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Border Goth Outfit The Slashes Debut New Single “Code Breaker”

“As a spy reads a cipher in a back alley, we too crack a lover’s secret code, sometimes in plain sight. But a fair warning. Don’t get burned.”

So warns San Diego ‘Border Goth’ trio The Slashes, on their ominous new song: “Code Breaker. Bringing us a spooky concoction of lush guitars, gloomy melodies, and dreamy vocals, the song sounds like a heady combination of Interpol and Franz Ferdinand with its bashing song breaks, melodic guitar, pulsing bass, upbeat drums, and soaring hooks. The moody influence of Bauhaus and various deathrock outfits seep through sonically, as well. With his deep croon, Rene adds an enigmatic and haunting quality to the track, which traverses through a sinister soundscape, shrouded in mystery and ambiguity.

Listen to “Code Breaker” below:

The Slashes, a power trio comprising Esteban Rene (vocals/guitar), Beto Bautista (bass), and Carlos Robles (drums), made a splash in 2015 with the release of their self-titled debut album. Produced by Alan Sanderson, who has worked with music icons such as The Rolling Stones and Elvis Costello, the album showcased the band’s raw, high-energy sound.

Their debut album garnered critical acclaim and landed them a nomination for Best Rock at the San Diego Music Awards. The Slashes have since continued to rock Southern California, playing at some of the region’s most renowned venues, including The Observatory in Santa Ana, the legendary Rainbow Bar in LA, and The Casbah in San Diego.

In 2018, The Slashes headed to Singing Serpent Studios to record “City By” with producer Ben Moore. The single was released on all major streaming platforms in early 2019, marking the beginning of the band’s new chapter. The Slashes returned to New York for a second round of shows, ready to bring their electrifying live performances to new audiences. With their unrelenting energy and electrifying sound, The Slashes are a band to watch out for.

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