The Beautiful Men of Goth and Post-Punk

The men of goth and post-punk are undeniably some of the most beautiful male specimens to have graced a stage or have played an instrument. In fact, some of them wear more makeup than the many talented women in which they share a scene that overall embraces androgyny, while defying gender norms and sexuality.

We’ve compiled a list and gallery dedicated to some of the most iconic musicians and singers making the best music to come out during the late 70s and 80s, some of which who inspired boys and girls to spend a fortune on cosmetics and hairspray in attempts to achieve the varying looks made by their heroes listed below.

Dave Vanian

The singer of The Damned is without a doubt the first modern “Goth”, save for Vampira. Dave wore black lipstick before anyone else—dressing like a vampire as early as 1976 in the band’s video for “New Rose”.

Robert Smith

Probably the most beloved eccentric on this list, Robert started wearing makeup around the 1981 release of Faith, got big hair around the 1982 release of Pornography, and after his second stint in Siouxsie and The Banshees, fully honed his iconic look that became synonymous with goth—and still is to this day!

Simon Gallup

The Cure’s Bassist is gorgeous enough to make any fool dance—whether he looks like a 50’s rocker, has super saiyan level 4 hair, or wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt.

Peter Murphy

The Godfather of Goth Peter Murphy is in some ways more Ziggy than Bowie, with an iconic look that resonates both in Bauhaus and solo.

Daniel Ash

The singer/guitarist from Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, and Love and Rockets was used as a design reference for the creation of James O’Barr’s The Crow.

Nick Cave

Nick Cave of The Bad Seeds and The Birthday Party is the King of Kool, even with that horrible mustache, which we have so kindly not included here.

Blixa Bargeld

Blixa Bargeld of Einsturzende Neubauten was formerly a Bad Seed, and at one point resembled something like Conrad Veidt playing Edward Scissorhands while sporting an awesome mullet.

Carl McCoy

Fields of the Nephilim’s Carl McCoy looks like if Kurt Cobain dressed up like a gothic cowboy who just had a bag of flour explode all over him during an accident with chaos magick—and this is surprisingly a very sexy look.

Andrew Eldritch

I don’t care what Andy says, The Sisters of Mercy are Goth, and so is he, weather sporting a hat, or a beard, or looking like Michael Jackson.

Ian Curtis

Joy Division’s Ian Curtis has—while performing live—a hungry look in eyes that seem to be staring at the unseen forces that haunt him.

Photo by Philippe Carly

Photo by Philippe Carly

Ian McCulloch

Mac the Mouth of Echo and The Bunnymen certainly has beauty in that particular feature that used to get him into so much trouble, and who would have thought that a hairstyle resembled the effect from rubbing a balloon over the crown of your head could look so cool.

Also, Ian dressed up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz once for a shoot with Kevin Cummins, how cool is that?

From The “Seven Seas” music video

Ian Astbury

The singer of The Cult once had a band with a similar yet longer name called Southern Death Cult, whose style reflected positive punk’s identification with Native Americans and the Mohican.


Steve Rawlings

Legend has it that the singer from The Danse Society was often mistaken for a woman—but I am sure even the most “straight” of men making that “mistake” didn’t feel too bad, because Steve Rawlings natural androgyny is almost unparalleled.

Paul “Bee” Hampshire

After forming Danse Society in its early stages along with Steve Rawlings, Bee would go on to lead Getting The Fear/Into A Circle, and while also performing with Psychic TV.

Marc Almond

This Batcave boy’s music with Soft Cell, The Mambas, and solo made life a Non Stop Erotic Cabaret.

Ronny Moorings

Ronny has made some of the most goth music you will ever hear—and the guy moved to Leipzig, home of the world’s largest annual Goth Festival, Wave Gotik Treffen.

Adam Ant

This prince charming is probably the first post-punk pinup.

Frank Tovey

Only in this scene can someone make being tarred and feathered sexy like Fad Gadget’s Frank Tovey did.

The Ashton Twins

In Gene Loves Jezebel, what you get is what you see, and this time you are seeing double.

Johnny Slut

Specimen’s Johnny Slut iconic Batcave look is the face of Goth.

Rozz Williams

The singer of Christian Death and Shadow Project responded to the toxic masculinity in the California punk scene with his own brand of unparalleled dark and androgynous beauty.

Legend has it that the name his infamous Goth and Deathrock band was primarily inspired by word play Christian Dior and the easter crucifixion.

John Koviak

John Koviak is the only model on this list, but he happens to be a musician as well. His beautiful androgyny was the cause of many a young goth boy and girl’s sexual awakenings during the early 90s.

Check out Propaganda Magazine to see more of John’s work with editor/photographer Fred Berger.

The Industrial Boys

Stephen Mallinder

Cabaret Voltaire’s vox is so hot he’ll make you freak yourself.


John Balance

Coil’s John Balance has the kind of beauty that would make anyone eat his broccoli.

Skinny Puppy

These sweet Canadian boys are nicer than they look, don’t let their use of fake blood scare you.

Al Jourgensen

Ministry’s Al Jourgensen used to have less piercings, no dreads, and at once point even wore lipstick—yep see the pic below, you can’t deny it Al, sorry!

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