Bassist Simon Gallup Confirms his Return to The Cure

Bassist Simon Gallup has confirmed that he is now a current active member of The Cure, returning to the band after announcing his departure at the end of August.

The news that he had left the band was previously announced via a post on his personal Facebook page with the following brief message:

“With a heavy heart, I am no longer a member of The Cure! Good luck to all of them.”

This post has since been deleted, which had left some fans and fansites hopeful.

One such fan, in the comments section of a Facebook photo, posted to Gallup’s account highlighting his new band Alice Blue Gown, asked: “Is Simon still a member of The Cure?”. To which Gallup replied, “Yes I am.”

Simon Gallup has been the longest-running member of The Cure, save for frontman Robert Smith. Gallup joined the band in 1979, making an undeniable impact with his debut on the classic single “A Forest” from the band’s 1980 second studio album Seventeen Seconds.

Gallup left the band only once previously in 1982, following a fight on the European tour in support of Pornography. He would then rejoin the band in 1984 and has played bass on every Cure album since 1985’s The Head on The Door.

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