Bands and Artists to See at Wave Gotik Treffen 2024

The 2024 edition of Wave Gotik Treffen, is about to kick off this week! Once again, the sprawling festival runs from Friday, May 17th, until Monday, May 20th, in venues spread across the entire city of Leipzig.

This year’s edition of the world’s largest Gothic festival has something for every taste, ranging from straight-up post-punk, gothic rock, darkwave, synthpop, minimal, and industrial. We have thoroughly reviewed the schedule and venue itineraries and compiled a list of bands and artists we suggest you see during your visit to the festival this coming weekend.

We recommend heading to Felsenkeller on Friday night and catching the mixed lineup of darkwave and post-punk with Echoberyl, Dancing Plague, Kontravoid, Haunt Me, and Rendez-Vous. For a mix of Batcave, old-school, goth, and classic post-punk, head over to Täubchenthal for The Cemetary Girlz, Principe Valiente, The Rose Of Avalanche, and Theatre Of Hate. And there is also the option for Andi Sex Gang and Miranda Sex Garden at Schauspielhaus.

Afterward, head to Agra Halle for Ladytron’s special set for the midnight special at 1 am.

Saturday sees Haus Leipzig showcasing an eclectic mix of top-notch synth and minimal synth acts with Martial Canterel, Position Parallele, Automelodi, Xeno & Oaklander, and French legends Martin Dupont. For those looking for alternatives, head over to Felsenkeller for a set by Finish Gothic Rock legends Two Witches. And Täubchenthal is the place to be for old-school Batcave and Deathrock, and sound, featuring The Bellwether Syndicate, Ausgang, Tragic Black, and the legendary Sex Gang Children.

Sunday presents a myriad of choices, making it difficult to decide where to go. If you prefer to stay in one place, Volkspalast offers a solid lineup with The Foreign Resort, Klez.e, Agent Side Grinder, The Secret French Postcards, A Projection, Nürnberg, and Soviet Soviet. For those looking for a more dance-driven and synth-heavy evening, Stadtbad features performances by Years Of Denial, SDH (Semiotics Department of Heteronyms), Sierra, Public Memory, and Sextile. Don’t miss the midnight special with Editors at Agra Halle, which also showcases The Beauty Of Gemina, The Danse Society, and Diva Destruction earlier in the evening. Alternatively, Moritzbastei hosts darkwave act Neila Invo, Schauspielhaus presents Swedish synth-pop artist Karin Park, as well as Bon Harris, and Spiritual Front. And for industrial and techno fans, Täubchenthal offers Orphx and Esplendor Geometrico.

Monday, the final day of the festival, offers an easier choice for closing out your Wave Gotik Treffen experience. You can head to Agra to catch Vive La Fete’s energetic set. But you can also stay put at Haus Leipzig, which features a lineup of Lament, Topographies, Social Station, and The Slow Show, catering to fans of synth and post-punk. For those who prefer a more intense, industrial vibe, Kollaps will be performing at Volkspalast Kantine.

Lastly, Friday through Sunday, if you want to dance after the concerts, we highly recommend the When We Were Young party at Täubchenthal.

See our full schedule picks below. For the full schedule and more info, head over to the official Wave Gotik Treffen website.



  • 17.00 h Echoberyl (F)
  • 18.10 h Dancing Plague (USA)
  • 19.30 h Kontravoid (CDN)
  • 21.00 h Haunt Me (USA)
  • 22.30 h Rendez-Vous (F)


  • 22.40 h Gvllow (USA)
  • midnight-special 01.00 h Ladytron (GB)



  • 19.30 h Miranda Sex Garden (GB)
  • 21.00 h Andi Sex Gang (GB)


    • 17.30 h The Cemetary Girlz (F)
    • 18.40 h Principe Valiente (S)
    • 20.00 h Rose Of Avalanche (GB)
  • 21.20 h Theatre Of Hate (GB)

On Saturday,


Haus Leipzig

  • 17.00 h Martial Canterel (USA)
  • 18.20 h Position Parallele (F)
  • 19.40 h Automelodi (CDN)
  • 21.00 h Xeno & Oaklander (USA)
  • 22.40 h Martin Dupont (F)



  • 20.40 h Two Witches (FIN)


  • 17.50 h The Bellwether Syndicate (USA)
  • 19.10 h Ausgang (GB)
  • 20.40 h Tragic Black (USA)
  • 22.20 h Sex Gang Children (GB)


Sunday is Sophie’s choice, as there are so many good options, and seeing them all will be physically impossible. If you want to stay in one place, the Agra, Stadtbad, and Volkspalast are your best options.


  • 17.30 h The Beauty Of Gemina (CH)
  • 18.55 h The Danse Society (GB)
  • 20.40 h Diva Destruction (USA)
  • 21.55 h Prayers (MEX/USA)
  • midnight-special 00.30 h Editors (GB)


  • 21.00 h Neila Invo (I)


  • 19.30 h Karin Park (N)
  • 21.00 h Bon Harris (GB)
  • 22.40 h Spiritual Front (I)


  • 17.00 h Years Of Denial (F)
  • 18.20 h SDH (Semiotics Department of Heteronyms) (E)
  • 19.40 h Sierra (F)
  • 21.10 h Public Memory (USA)
  • 22.40 h Sextile (USA)


  • 20.40 h Orphx (CDN)
  • 22.20 h Esplendor Geometrico (E)

Volkspalast Kantine

  • 16.35 h The Foreign Resort (DK)
  • 18.45 h Klez.e (D)
  • 21.15 h Agent Side Grinder (S)

Volkspalast Kuppelhalle

  • 15.30 h The Secret French Postcards (S)
  • 17.40 h A Projection (S)
  • 19.50 h Nürnberg (BY)
  • 22.30 h Soviet Soviet (I)



  • 21.20 h Vive La Fete (B)

Haus Leipzig

  • 17.00 h Lament (D)
  • 18.20 h Topographies (USA)
  • 21.10 h The Slow Show (GB)
  • 19.40 h Social Station (USA)

Volkspalast Kantine

  • 21.15 h Kollaps (AUS)

Deathrock and Batcave:

Andi Sex Gang solo

Andi Sex Gang, the mysterious mastermind behind Sex Gang Children, was a key figure in the early ’80s post-punk and gothic rock scene. With his theatrical stage antics and unmistakable vocal style, Andi didn’t just make music—he turned it into performance art. Think of him as the dark, avant-garde wizard of the era.


Ausgang, the post-punk and gothic rock band from Birmingham, England, formed in the early ’80s, rose from the ashes of their previous incarnation, Kabuki. Known for their raw energy and dark, edgy vibes, they quickly made waves in the underground scene. With powerful performances and a style all their own, Ausgang became influential figures in gothic rock, making gloom and doom sound oh-so-good.

Sex Gang Children 

Sex Gang Children, the pioneering gothic rock and post-punk band formed in early ’80s London, are fronted by the enigmatic Andi Sex Gang. Known for their dark, theatrical sound and provocative performances, they left a significant mark on the gothic scene with legendary tracks like Sebastiane and Dieche. These guys made gloom an art form.

The Cemetary Girlz 

The Cemetary Girlz, a French gothic rock band formed in 2005, are known for their dark, atmospheric sound and striking visuals. They blend post-punk, goth, and deathrock influences to create music that feels like a spooky night in a haunted mansion. Their tunes are all about melancholy and the macabre, perfect for your next vampire-themed party.


Agent Side Grinder

Agent Side Grinder, the Swedish electronic and post-punk maestros formed in 2005, are all about those analogue synth sounds and dark, industrial vibes. Imagine early electronic music getting a moody new wave makeover. Their brooding beats, retro-futuristic oeuvre, and powerful live shows have won them critical acclaim and a loyal underground fanbase.

Chain Of Flowers

Chain of Flowers, a Welsh post-punk band, conjures a lush and atmospheric sound with emotive intensity. Formed in 2012, they weave together shoegaze and gothic influences, creating music awash with reverb-drenched guitars and haunting vocals. Picture a dark, rainy night where each strum of the guitar reverberates like raindrops on an old tin roof. Their music captures that moody magic perfectly.


Imagine wandering through a foggy, deserted city at midnight, with each note echoing your innermost thoughts: this is the modus operandi of Minsk band Nürnberg. Since their formation in 2016, they have fused dark, brooding melodies with introspective lyrics, drawing inspiration from classic post-punk and new wave. Their music captures the essence of urban isolation and emotional depth, perfectly encapsulating modern existential angst.

Principe Valiente 

In the shadowed realms of Sweden, Principe Valiente crafts a sound that weaves together the dark threads of post-punk, shoegaze, and darkwave. Since their formation in 2005, they have conjured atmospheric soundscapes, where melancholic melodies and haunting vocals dwell. Their music pulses with brooding intensity.


French post-punk outfit Rendez-Vous has been shaking things up since 2012 with a sound that’s as intense as a double espresso. Known for their raw energy and powerful performances, these guys blend punk and industrial like a mad scientist’s experiment gone right. Their dark, driving rhythms hit you with a sense of urgency and emotional punch, leaving you both exhilarated and just a tad breathless.

Soviet Soviet 

Italian post-punk trio Soviet Soviet has been rocking the scene with their infectious energy and raw, punchy sound since 2008. Imagine Joy Division meets a caffeine-fueled garage band—dark, driving rhythms that make you want to dance in the shadows. These guys aren’t just playing music; they’re throwing a relentless, no-holds-barred party.


San Francisco’s Topographies serves up post-punk with a side of dreamy shoegaze, crafting tunes that make you want to dance and brood simultaneously. Since forming in 2018, their ethereal guitars and moody vibes have turned many a frown upside down—or at least sideways. If you’re into introspective lyrics and hazy melodies, this is your jam.

Classic Post-Punk

Theatre of Hate

Theatre of Hate burst onto the scene in the early ’80s, armed with Kirk Brandon’s dramatic vocals and a penchant for epic, dark post-punk anthems. Known for their intense live shows and brooding tunes, they’re like the Shakespeare of punk rock—if Shakespeare had a mohawk and a killer sax player.

Post-Punk Revival Era


British indie rockers Editors have been delivering moody anthems since 2002. Known for their dark, brooding melodies and Tom Smith’s stellar baritone vocals, they mix Joy Division-esque gloom with arena-rock swagger. Their hits like Munich and Papillon have made them the go-to band for anyone needing a soundtrack to their existential crises.


Ladytron, the electro-pop wizards from Liverpool, have been serving up icy synths and catchy hooks since 1999. With hits like Seventeen and Destroy Everything You Touch, they mix robotic charm with a human touch. Think of them as Kraftwerk’s cooler, slightly rebellious cousins who still know how to throw a fantastic dance party.

Vive Le Fête

Belgian duo Vive Le Fête has been mixing electro-pop with a glam-rock twist since 1997. Imagine Debbie Harry fronting Daft Punk, and you’re halfway there. Known for their energetic live shows and fashion-forward style, Danny Mommens and Els Pynoo are the life of the party, turning every gig into a glitter-filled extravaganza.

Synth and Minimal Synth


Automelodi, hailing from Montreal, has been serving up synth-pop with a distinctively French twist since 2006. Led by Xavier Paradis, this band is like the lovechild of Kraftwerk and Serge Gainsbourg, with a penchant for retro beats and smooth, seductive vocals. Think of them as the soundtrack for a chic, underground Parisian nightclub where the robots have all the best dance moves.

Martial Canterel 

Martial Canterel, the alter ego of Brooklyn’s Sean McBride, has been spinning retro-futuristic synth melodies since the early 2000s. Think of him as a mad scientist of minimal wave, crafting icy beats and robotic rhythms that make you want to dance like it’s 1982 all over again.

Martin Dupont 

French synth-pop outfit Martin Dupont is the ultimate retro revival band. Their quirky melodies and minimalist beats are like a time machine back to when shoulder pads were big, and synths were bigger. If you’re into danceable nostalgia with a touch of avant-garde flair, they’re your jam.

Xeno & Oaklander

Xeno & Oaklander, the intriguing duo from Brooklyn, craft minimalist synth music that feels both avant-garde and effortlessly cool. Liz Wendelbo and Sean McBride’s analogue melodies and deadpan vocals are like a breath of fresh, if slightly eccentric, air. Their tunes are perfect for those who appreciate a touch of quirky elegance in their electronic beats.

Synth Pop

Karin Park

Karin Park, a multifaceted Norwegian musician, combines ethereal vocals with a dark, electronic flair that’s as unexpected as a penguin in a ballroom. Her music is a delightful enigma, weaving through haunting melodies and intriguing beats. If you enjoy a touch of the extraordinary in your tunes, Karin is your go-to enchantress.


A Projection

Sweden’s A Projection offers a delightful blend of brooding melodies and energetic rhythms. Their music is like a brisk walk through a slightly eerie forest—unexpectedly invigorating and strangely refreshing. Perfect for those who enjoy a dash of the dramatic in their musical adventures.

Dancing Plague

Hailing from Spokane, Washington, Dancing Plague delivers a deliciously dark blend of synthwave and post-punk. Their tracks feel like a thriller soundtrack, perfect for those nights when you just want to feel cozy AND unsettled. With pulsating beats and shadowy melodies, they craft music that’s both eerie and oddly comforting.

Diva Destruction

Diva Destruction, led by Debra Fogarty, is known their dramatic flair and dark elegance. Their melodies and lyrics would make Edgar Allan Poe proud, offering a poetic rebellion against the mundane. Perfect for those moments when you’re feeling delightfully defiant and ready to embrace your inner gothic poet. Diva Destruction are making WGT their first exclusive European show after two decades.


Echoberyl, the enigmatic Parisian duo, crafts music that feels like a noir film set to synths. Their sound is an elegantly twisted blend of shadowy beats and poetic whispers, reminiscent of a detective novel where the crime is heartbreak.


Making their European premiere at WGT, Gvllow fuses punk’s raw energy with gothic darkwave elegance. Imagine a love letter written in neon ink, with riffs that could raise the dead and lyrics sharp enough to cut glass. Gvllow’s music is perfect for those who appreciate a dash of danger with their romance.

Haunt Me 

Also making their European debut is Haunt Me, a Texan duo that seems to channel music from the Twilight Zone. With ethereal vocals and shadowy beats, their tunes are like whispers from the other side -as if they’re serenading the ghosts in your attic, making them dance and reminisce about their spectral glory days.

Night Club 

Electro-pop duo Night Club injects dark humor and infectious beats into their music, creating a soundtrack for your inner misfit. With Emily Kavanaugh’s sultry vocals and Mark Brooks’ pulsing synths, their songs are like love letters to the ‘strange and unusual.’  Perfect for those who dance best in the shadows.


Kollaps, the industrial noise outfit from Melbourne, is like a beautifully chaotic machine on the brink of collapse. Their music is an assault on the senses, with pulverizing beats and aggressive rhythms. Those who find tranquility in chaos and enjoy their music loud enough to rattle their bones will love their sound!


Canada’s Kontravoid is making an appearance as well. This masked marvel of of electronic beats, brings a relentless energy to the table: a fête with pounding rhythms and a flair for the dramatic, where synths rule and subtlety takes a back seat.

 Neila Invo

Neila Invo (Ash Code) is like the musical equivalent of a Rubik’s Cube—complex, colorful, and endlessly intriguing. With a knack for weaving intricate electronic rhythms, her music is a playground for those who love to get lost in layers of sound. It’s brainy, it’s bold, and it’s just a bit bonkers.

SDH (Semiotics Department of Heteronyms)

SDH, or Semiotics Department of Heteronyms, delivers a dark and edgy blend of electronic beats and post-punk vibes. Their music is a deliciously unsettling mix, like a noir film set to a synth soundtrack. If you enjoy your tunes with a twist of intellectual angst and a dash of mystery, SDH is your band.

Industrial / EBM


Dive, fronted by the enigmatic Dirk Ivens, delivers industrial beats that hit like a sledgehammer. Imagine a factory where machines have developed a penchant for rhythm. Dive’s music is raw, relentless, and just the right amount of unsettling: the soundtrack to a dystopian thriller where the machines always win.

Esplendor Geometrico 

Avant-garde industrial band from Spain, Esplendor Geometrico, is a powerhouse with rhythms that could wake the dead. Their mechanical beats and abrasive textures feel like a mad inventor’s dream. Imagine if robots took over a junkyard and started jamming—relentless, noisy, and oddly hypnotic. Definitely not your grandma’s kind of music.


Orphx, the dynamic Canadian duo, are masters of the dark and noisy realms of industrial techno. Their music is like a dystopian factory in full swing, with pounding beats, mechanical clanks, and relentless, rhythmic chaos.


Miranda Sex Garden 

The enchanting Miranda Sex Garden weaves together gothic and classical elements with a dash of the surreal. Imagine a Victorian choir with a penchant for the unconventional, producing music that’s both eerily beautiful and delightfully odd in their harmonies and unique experimental flair.

The Rose Of Avalanche

Leeds band The Rose of Avalanche offers a potent mix of gothic rock and psychedelic vibes, delivering dark, swirling tunes with a raw edge. Their music feels like a stormy night with flashes of brilliance and the occasional thunderous riff.

The Danse Society 

The Danse Society, a band that seems to have emerged from the mists of a forgotten forest, blends gothic rock with an almost ethereal charm. Their music is like a dark fairy tale whispered at midnight, filled with haunting melodies and enigmatic lyrics. It’s the perfect soundtrack for those who revel in the mysterious and the magical.


Public Memory

Public Memory, a trip-hop ensemble, creates music that feels like drifting through a dreamscape crafted by a melancholic architect. Their haunting rhythms and enigmatic vocals weave together stories that linger in the mind like forgotten memories. Imagine a lullaby sung by ghosts who have mastered the art of the groove.



Sextile, a band that seems to have harnessed the electricity of a distant storm, melds punk energy with electronic beats. Their music is a wild dance on the edge of chaos, a sonic rebellion that’s both exhilarating and a bit unpredictable. Think of it as punk rock meeting a glitchy, futuristic carnival.

Neo Folk

Spiritual Front 

Spiritual Front, an Italian band blending neofolk with dark cabaret, creates music that feels like a tango with spirits from another realm. Their songs are a dance of irony and passion, filled with romantic despair and sardonic humor. Imagine a world where Nick Cave hosts a vaudeville act, and you’ll find Spiritual Front.

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