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Angels Perch the Skyline in Darkwave Ensemble NØIR’s Video for the Paradox Obscur Remix of “Fallen”

She pulls a memory from a box

Down beneath from a photograph

Back to life A gift in wraps

New York City’s masked quintet NØIR returns at last for the band’s eighth release, a sensuous dance anthem entitled “Fallen.” Veteran vocalist Athan Maroulis, guitarist/producer Erik Gustafson (Adoration Destroyed), vocalist Kai Irina Hahn (The Sedona Effect), cellist Rebekah Feng (The Neuro Farm), guitarist/producer Ray Wilcox created the song as a tribute to the late Metropolis Records founder Dave Heckman.

The single brings to mind Human League and Heaven 17, with its two remixes by Silver Walks and Paradox Obscur.

The song’s lyrics depict a journey of self-discovery and introspection. Many of us get mired in a repetitive pattern or life cycle, saddled with the fluctuating nature of thoughts and emotions. The retrieval of a memory from a photograph suggests a longing for the past, possibly a time of greater contentment. The past, though possibly painful, is also cherished, wrapped in layers of nostalgia. It’s a hypnotic commentary on the human tendency to romanticize time gone by while struggling to break free from cyclic patterns.

In the heart of the ancient metropolis that is Athens, Greece, a cinematic manifestation of the divine unfolds like wings, courtesy of director Paradox Obscur. The music video for “Fallen (Paradox Obscur Mix)” has been released, presenting visuals that are not simply directed but meticulously crafted, skillfully etched into our comprehension, enriching our understanding of the underlying message. The fabric of the video stitches together a hymn of angels in urban vigil, guarding our mundane world with their celestial insights.

Taking cues from Wim Wenders’ enduring masterpiece, Wings of Desire, the video becomes a cryptic canvas that paints a picture of the ineffable duet between the light and the shadow of the soul. It reminds us that one cannot truly perceive the brilliance of the light without recognizing the consuming darkness of the shadow. They exist, forever intertwined, an indispensable binary.

The silver screen becomes a stage for the ethereal narrative of sultry smoke curling into the air, embodying the transient nature of our existence. It captures the seductive sway of sensual dance, a testament to the pulsating rhythm of life. Intense, yet inviting gazes from our higher selves serve as a potent reminder of the divine guidance that eternally watches over us, directing our souls on the path of righteousness.

The symbiotic essence of light and shadow within our souls is encapsulated in this video. They find their existence in each other, much like the angels in the cityscape, inseparable, indistinguishable, two sides of the same coin. One with the virtue and vice of our souls, they stand as the dual guards of our mortal journey.

Watch the video for the “Fallen” Paradox Obcur remix below:

Emerging from the shadows with their dramatic entrance in 2013’s “Darkly Near“, post-punk sensation NØIR solidified their presence in the scene. However, the enigmatic ensemble truly began to stir the gloomy waters of their sonic abyss with the late 2019 release, “A Pleasure.” Following this, the collective plunged into the creation of the “Fallen” EP, a project shrouded in interruption and tragedy, forced into hibernation by the pandemic.

2022 saw a resumption of NØIR’s creative endeavours, although not without further trials. The project was momentarily paused once more due to the untimely demise of Metropolis Records founder, Dave Heckman. In a twist of irony, the delayed completion of the EP led to an unexpected creative detour. The originally separate plans for an acoustic EP became entwined with “Fallen,” the influence of which can be distinctly heard in their haunting rendition of The Psychedelic Furs’ classic, “Love My Way.”

Following their electrifying performances at prominent festivals such as The Unconvention and Dark Force Fest, and with Athan Maroulis wrapping up background work on the final season of the acclaimed “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel“, Metropolis Records has triumphantly heralded the release of “Fallen” on all digital and streaming platforms. Listen below:

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