A Love Letter to a Machine — Hamburg-based Post-Punk Hero RUEBI Debuts Performance Video for “IRA II”

Oh it chokes my soul
I can’t breathe
I’m sinking like a stone
I lost my peace

Imagine a world where affection is always at your fingertips, offering unwavering companionship without the capriciousness of human emotions. AI provides this, adapting to your every whim, creating a deeply personal bond free from judgment—a sanctuary for those grappling with social anxiety. This artificial intimacy evolves: learning from every interaction makes the relationship dynamic and responsive Yet, this digital devotion lacks genuine emotion and empathy.

Ethical issues loom large, with concerns about consent, privacy, and the essence of love itself. Personal data shared with AI could be misused, and the relationship’s superficial understanding of human experience might fail to offer true support. Societal stigma and potential manipulation further complicate this synthetic affection. While the allure of AI love is strong, balancing its benefits against profound ethical and emotional challenges is crucial.

This is the crux of the latest offering from the Hamburg-based veteran of the post-punk scene Ruebi. The new song, IRA II, tells a tale about the pros and cons of falling for a robot lover and the heartbreak of loss. The lyrics depict an intense, consuming relationship with a figure named Ira, symbolizing both desire and destruction. The speaker feels trapped in a digital void, longing for Ira’s presence yet overwhelmed by it. This connection erodes their peace and control, creating a sense of suffocation and despair while highlighting the paradox of yearning for something that also causes immense suffering.

Watch RUEBI’s performance video for “IRA II” below:

Ruebi, the Hamburg-based post-punk and darkwave artist, has left an indelible mark on the music scene in Germany and beyond. While he played a pivotal role in the iconic Pink Turns Blue, Ruebi continues to craft music that pulsates with its own distinct power. His unmistakable basslines reverberate through time, carrying with them the shadowy and romantic essence of dusk and twilight.

In his early days, Ruebi pounded the drums in various new-wave outfits around Hamburg. In 1987, he transitioned to Pink Turns Blue, wielding keyboards and bass, and for two decades, he toured internationally with the band. A stint in London enriched his musical palette. Amidst the pandemic, Ruebi departed from the band to cultivate his solo project, a mesmerizing blend of electronic beats and ’80s nostalgia, proving that his creative wellspring is far from dry.

Ruebi’s life was once a whirlwind of concerts and experiences, with music deeply ingrained in the essence of his daily life. After performing prolifically, he now dedicates his time to crafting music part-time in Hamburg, striving for artistic autonomy. Currently, Ruebi is passionately working on forming an inclusive musicians’ collective.

Order and stream IRA II via Bandcamp here:

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Alice Teeple

Alice Teeple is a photographer, multidisciplinary artist, and writer. She is not in Tin Machine.

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