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80s Music from a Parallel Universe — Catch the Retro Synthwave and Darkwave of Waves On Waves

Four decades have passed since the 1980s, yet we find ourselves continually drawn back to this vibrant era, now tinged with the pink and teal hues of nostalgia. The ’80s stand out as a pinnacle of unbridled creativity, a time when the pursuit of innovation wasn’t shadowed by self-consciousness. This decade was marked by a boundless optimism and an unwavering belief in the possibilities of the future, often depicted through the lens of science fiction. It was an age where earnest romance and imagination flourished, not just in the realms of daily life but vividly reflected in the era’s music and films.

The proliferation of the synthesizer during this time revolutionized music, unlocking new realms of creativity that had previously only been dreamt of. This instrument became synonymous with the decade, giving birth to sounds that were as boundless as the era’s imagination. But why does the spirit of the ’80s continue to resonate so powerfully in today’s culture? Films and music from the era still capture hearts and minds, their influence undiminished by the passing years.

Enter Waves_On_Waves, a Los Angeles-based musical project that seems to have emerged from a parallel universe version of the ’80s, one where the decade’s hallmark unselfconscious, synth-driven romance has been preserved and reimagined for the modern ear. With their striking collaborations and album releases, Waves_On_Waves captures the essence of the ’80s while infusing it with contemporary vitality, proving that the creative spirit of the decade is far from a closed chapter in the annals of music history.

Waves_On_Waves, has teamed up with a global roster of artists, including People Theatre (France), Mondmann (Germany), and SHIKIMO (US), among others, and has unleashed a series of albums including Synthony Of Destruction, a darkwave triumph that nods to Megadeth’s 1992 hit Symphony Of Destruction; Miami Arcade Vice Parade, and Live Wire On The Sunset Strip.

Picture a scene where the essence of Nine Inch Nails, Crystal Castles, Ultravox, and Depeche Mode are brought to life in a post-industrial ceremony. Within this space, Waves_On_Waves and a group of standout artists rejuvenate the heavy metal genre with a modern flair. Synthony of Destruction embraces its dreamy, synth-laden gothic elegance, skillfully blending sharp electronic rhythms with infectious pop hooks in a seemingly effortless manner.

The heart of the album lies in its intricate darksynth production and the rich layers of electronic sound, creating a foundation for tracks that are both powerful and haunting. These melodies, charged with emotion, bring to life visions of spectral figures and memorable evenings. Free from any artifice, Synthony Of Destruction offers a pure darkwave experience. The album combines throbbing synths with visuals soaked in the neon glow of retro cyberpunk and the eerie essence of horror, crafting an atmosphere ideal for a nocturnal drive to the beach or a celebration during Spooky Season.

Just in time for summer, Miami Arcade Vice Parade is your dreamy synthwave getaway, rendered in vibrant pastel tones. This album is like a neon-drenched drive down Ocean Drive in South Beach, with tracks rich in warm analog synthesizers, engaging cinematic vocals, and a cyberpunk flair that seems to spring from a bygone era.

Waves_On_Waves, based in Hollywood, has skillfully brought together a dynamic group of international synthpop talents for this creation, featuring artists like Auto-Reverse 1985 from Paris and Midnight Fighters from Buenos Aires. This collective infuses the album with a diverse and global vibe, updating the ’80s sound for today’s listeners.

Adding a unique twist, the album includes innovative covers of classics like Real Talk’s Send Me An Angel and Mr. Mister’s Broken Wings, as well as a compelling mash-up that blends the essence of Cinnamon Chasers with Waves_On_Waves. Miami Arcade Vice Parade is the ultimate chillwave experience, inviting you to dive in, embrace the energy, and be immersed in the good vibes.

Live Wire On The Sunset Strip is a vibrant, late-night escape through the heart of the Sunset Strip, bathed in neon light. It draws on rich analogue synthesizers and cinematic vocals, echoing cyberpunk themes reminiscent of a forgotten VHS from 1987. Yet, beneath its glossy surface, Waves_On_Waves ventures into the darker realms of darkwave, mixing entrancing melodies with mysterious rhythms.

Waves_On_Waves transcends mere retro homage, deeply engaging with the contemporary trance and EDM scenes through impactful collaborations that have made waves at global festivals like Ultra Music Festival, Tomorrowland, Electric Forest, and EDC Vegas. This unique fusion of ’80s-inspired synthwave and modern electronic beats offers a fresh sound that’s both nostalgic and innovative.

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